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Chavez is a water lizard that Monkey D. Luffy and Myskina Acier tamed.[1]


Chavez is an orange spotted bipedal lizard that is larger than the average human. He has a long neck, long tail, and short arms compared to his legs.[1]


In order to be tamed, Chavez must first laugh in a staring contest. He finds Myskina Acier's "smug face" to be very funny. Once tamed, he is very loyal to his riders.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Chavez is capable of running on water. He can also run on the gastric acid inside Bonbori's first stomach, but the acid in its second stomach is too strong for him.[1]


Heart of Gold

Chavez was discovered by Monkey D. Luffy on an island inside Bonbori's first stomach. Chavez revealed to Luffy's companion Myskina Acier that in order to be ridden on, he must be made to laugh in a staring contest. Luffy unsuccessfully tried to get Chavez to laugh, and Acier managed to succeed by making his "smug face". Chavez then carried Luffy and Acier through Bonbori's stomach, with Luffy giving him his name.[1]

When Chavez entered Bonbori's second stomach, the stomach acids started dissolving his feet, and he and his riders rested on a nearby bank. Acier bandaged Chavez's legs to allow him to traverse the acid, and Chavez then took Luffy, Acier, and Roronoa Zoro to the third stomach, where Alchemi lay. Chavez was left on the coast as Luffy and Acier headed inside a mine.[1]

Zoro later rode Chavez back to where Luffy, Acier, and the Straw Hat Pirates were. They then escaped from Bonbori on the Thousand Sunny. Chavez, Acier, Myskina Olga, and fellow water lizard Elizabeth then got off on an island to begin a new life together.[1]


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