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Chesskippa the Hanger-on[2] is a pirate captain from Robin's past.[3]


He is a middle aged man with a bald head. One of his most notable features is his scar that goes over his left eye. He wears a pink shirt with black streaks, which look like splits. Over his shirt he wears a white coat, with yellow, furry pads on the shoulders.[3]


Chesskippa was kind enough to take Nico Robin in to work for his crew, despite her history and large bounty. However, he was shown to be cowardly when the Marines started targeting him, becoming favorable to the idea of turning Robin over in order to save himself.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Chesskippa claimed to be a wanted man, meaning he was notable enough to have a bounty. Still, he was not strong enough to handle Marines from Headquarters, who targeted his crew due to Robin's membership.[3]


Chesskippa was one of the pirate captains who took in Robin when she was running away from the Marines and the World Government. Later when Robin was targeted by the Marines, he was caught because of her, leading him to blame and curse her name in the meanwhile.[3]


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