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| affiliation =
| affiliation =
'''Chiken'''{{Qref|databook=blue|text=Chiken's name is revealed.}} is the wife of [[Gyoru]], the [[Wikipedia:Fishmonger|fishmonger]]. She lives in [[Foosha Village]].
{{Nihongo|'''Chiken'''|チキン|Chikin}}{{Qref|databook=blue|text=Chiken's name is revealed.}} is the wife of [[Gyoru]], the [[Wikipedia:Fishmonger|fishmonger]]. She lives in [[Foosha Village]].

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Chiken[1] is the wife of Gyoru, the fishmonger. She lives in Foosha Village.


Chiken is a normal sized, although a bit chubby woman, with dark curly hair and a round-ish face. She seems to be middle-aged as her face have some wrinkles on it. She wears a dark colored vest over a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. In the anime, she wears a reddish brown apron.


She was seen taking care of the store, happily, and waving goodbye to Luffy. She seems like a caring person.


When Luffy bought a fish as a child, she was seen in the store working. She waved goodbye to Luffy when he departed Foosha Village.


  1. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File , Chiken's name is revealed.

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