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Chico Chip is a Marine officer and special-type Pacifista who appears in Pirate Sweeping Operation 2013.[1][2]


Despite being a cyborg, Chico Chip looks like a normal Marine soldier.[2] He wears the standard Marine uniform along with a Marine hat on top of his short, brown hair.[1]


As a Pacifista, Chico Chip does not speak often and only says phrases in English. He often acts serious but still has a sense of humor. His quiet, stoic nature tends to influence those around him to be more quiet than usual.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Chico Chip is a unique type of Pacifista as the only one not modeled after Bartholomew Kuma. When he presses on his mole, it acts as a button and powers him up.[2]


Pirate Sweeping Operation 2013


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