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Chimpy is the main character of the spinoff manga Chin Piece.[1]


Chimpy is a young boy who greatly resembles Monkey D. Luffy, wearing a tattered open vest and shorts held together by a rope. He also wears a sleeping tanuki on his head to resemble Luffy's straw hat.[1]


Chimpy seems to be very bold and brash, having no issues with displaying his stretching penis in front of people he just met.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like Luffy, Chimpy can stretch his body, but in his case, he is only capable of stretching his penis. He can stretch his penis to great lengths and manipulate its shape, allowing him to wrap it around objects. His penis is strong and can lift weights as well as hang on tree branches.[1]


  • Chin Chin no Chinko Pistol (チンチンのチンコ・銃 (ピストル) Chin Chin no Chinko Pisutoru?, literally meaning "Penis Pistol"): Chimpy stretches his penis forward with great force, similarly to Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol technique. He first did it for show in front of some kids in town.[1]



One day, Chimpy discovered that his penis could stretch. He then began working on strengthening his penis, increasing its power and capabilities.[1]

Chin PieceEdit

Chimpy came to a village, where he met a group of kids led by Kusopp. There, he demonstrated his powers in front of them.[1]


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