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For the Loguetown pirates, see Chip and Mini.

Chip and Dip are the two sons of Scorpion who only appeared in the anime.[1]


Dip wears a light blue jacket (buttoned) and a red shirt underneath. Chip wears a green shirt with indigo suspenders. Chip is blonde while Dip is brown haired.[1]


They showed fear when meeting Portgas D. Ace but both showed love for their father by begging Ace to not hurt their father anymore and begging their father to not risk his life to try to kill Ace. They have also showed love even though Dip complained about not having a good life.[1]



Scorpion is their father and they care for his well being, asking him not to be a bounty hunter.[1]


Arabasta Arc

They live in a small house, on a small farm growing potatoes in the Badland. When their father left their house, after hearing them wish for a better life on the sea, he replied that dreams do not come true. Their father set out to capture Ace and Chip and Dip set out on an adventure to bring their father back, who was constantly looking for Ace to get his bounty reward because he had gone practically bankrupt.[1]


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