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For the sons of Scorpion, see Chip and Dip.

Chip and Mini are a pair of pirates who visited Loguetown. They originated from Legend of the Rainbow Island.[1]


Chip is an average-sized man with shoulder length blonde hair, a pointed nose, and dark eyes. He wears a blue and white striped shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. He also wears a red and white striped bandana around his head that comes down to his eyes.

Mini is a tan-skinned man with long black hair pulled tight into a ponytail. He has a long nose, thin eyebrows, and a round chin. He wears


Chip and Mini are arrogant and aggressive. They act tough and talk like they are notorious pirates, but, in reality, they are weak and easily scared by strong opponents.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Chip and Mini are quite weak, as they were easily beaten up by Luffy and Sanji.[1]


Legend of the Rainbow Island

At the Loguetown harbor, Chip and Mini stopped Dias while he was trying to sell his wares and demanded that the child give them as much food as they can possibly carry. When Dias told them that he didn't have that much food, they demanded that he hands over all of his goods. Dias stands up to them, and they start to beat him up. The Straw Hat Pirates interrupted them, and Luffy and Sanji defeated Chip and Mini, causing the pair to flee in panic. As they were running, they swore their revenge against Dias and the crew.[1]

Major Battles


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