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Not to be confused with Chouchou.

O-Chocho[3] is a woman who lives in Okobore Town in Wano Country.[1]


Chocho's appearance 20 years ago.

Chocho is a very little old woman, being smaller than even normal-sized people and dwarfed especially by the massive Ashura Doji. She has white hair which is tied up in a bun and wears a tattered white kimono with rose patterns on it.[1]

Twenty years ago, Chocho's hair had not yet gone white and her body was less shrunken.[2]


Chocho is determined to cling onto life, believing in Kozuki Toki's prophecy about the Nine Red Scabbards returning to take down Kaidou. She stood resolute in this belief even while being held at swordpoint by Shutenmaru.[1]

Twenty years ago, she lamented the fact that the people had not believed in the Kozuki Clan and despaired at the "divine retribution" they would face, before witnessing Toki's death.[2]



Twenty years ago, Chocho lived in Bakura Town and witnesses the burning Kuri Castle with her grandson. As she was about to give into despair, Kozuki Toki appeared at the town gate and spoke her final words as Chocho and the other citizens held their hands in prayer.[2]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Chocho lived in extreme poverty in Okobore Town, but she and the other residents had an increase in fortunes when Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Tama brought a large amount of clean food and water stolen from the wealthier Bakura Town. However, after they departed, Shutenmaru and his Mt. Atama Thieves brigade raided the town and took the food for themselves. The citizens begged for them to stop, but Shutenmaru said he would do whatever he liked with no samurai around to protect them. However, Chocho stood in front of him in a praying stance, expressing her belief in Kozuki Toki's prophecy that the Nine Red Scabbards would return to save Wano. Shutenmaru prepared to kill her, but was stopped by the arrival of the Beasts Pirates' Jack.[1]

Around two weeks later, the Beasts Pirates Headliner Holed'em came to Okobore Town to confront the citizens over food from the Paradise Farm being stolen in large quantities over the past several days. In order to keep safe the samurai who were rumored to be planning a raid against Kaidou, the citizens claimed responsibility for the thefts, leading to the town being burned down and their fates left unknown.[4]


  • "Chō" (?) means "butterfly" in Japanese.


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