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One Piece: Chopper's Big Adventure is a Japanese role-playing game for the Wonderswan handheld featuring characters from the popular anime and manga series One Piece. It was developed by Bandai and released on October 16, 2003 by Bandai Namco.


One day, the Straw Hat Pirates travel to a mysterious island. While the Straw Hats explore around the island, they all suddenly turn into animals; Luffy into a monkey, Zoro into a tiger, Sanji into a fox, Nami into a cat, Usopp into a kappa, and Robin into a parrot. Only Chopper remains as he was.

It is up to Chopper to not only help the crew to turn back to their original state, but to also figure out the cause of their mysterious transformation.


The game is basically using Chopper to travel and explore dungeons, and fight some monsters and bosses. Players can also use the other crew members as supporting characters to help Chopper fight in the dungeons.






  • It was the last game released for the Wonderswan.
  • In volume 20 and 50 of the SBS, responding to what animals the human Straw Hats resembles, Eiichiro Oda stated that Luffy is a monkey, Zoro is a shark, Nami is a cat, Usopp is an armadillo, Sanji is a duck and Robin is a crane. However, only Luffy and Nami turn into their "right" animal counterparts in this game.

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