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Chopper Man is the 4th story in the Straw Hat Theater series. It was originally published in The 6th Log: Arabasta on March 31, 2006. It was later adapted into the anime in Episode 259. This Chopper Man installment marks the first time the other Straw Hats are seen within the Chopper Man universe. The characters from this story later appeared on the color spread of Chapter 405.


Eiichiro Oda introduces the story as a "super spectacle hero manga". The first one and a half pages contain descriptions of the characters.


The evil Dr. Usodabada (Usopp), fed up with being unable to defeat Chopper Man (Chopper), sends his minions to capture Chopper Man's assistant, Namifia (Nami). However, they instead bring back Chopper Man himself. Once there, he demands tea, and then procedes to go see Usodabada's giant fighting robot, Giant Luffy Bomber (Luffy).

Chopper Man rides in Luffy Bomber, and ends up destroying Usodabada's base, sending the villain and his minions flying. This is the first appearance of Robiflowan (Robin), a mysterious flower-woman who has been defeated multiple times by Chopper Man's "Kyuun Spark" attack, Zorokiller (Zoro), a mysterious onigiri-man who demands onigiri and gets angry if you do not have any, and Sanjirops (Sanji), a mysterious perverted-monster who insists he is not perverted (despite the fact that he constantly thinks perverted things) and shows no mercy to men.

After destroying the base, Chopper Man brings the robot home. However, when he goes to get it for his next mission, he finds that Namifia has sold it.


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