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ONE PIECE Chopper Man Show Straw Hat Theater 1 is a stage show performed across Japan from August 14, 2013 through 2014.[1]


Chopper Man Show was first performed in New Reoma World, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture, on August 14, 2013.[2] The show was held in various amusement parks, shopping centers, department stores, and exhibition halls across Japan through the rest of the year and into 2014. The show featured Chopper Man fighting Usodabada and his subordinates.[1]


The show begins with a host giving the audience background information on Chopper Man before leaving the stage. The narrator introduces Chopper Man, but Namifia comes and drafts him offstage. The narrator introduces Usodabada, and after conversing with Sanjirops and Zorokiller, he becomes disillusioned and falls to his hands and knees. Robiflowan arrives and sits on his back, but the two conspire and craft a plan to defeat Chopper Man by stealing his cape and removing the source of his power.

Namifia returns to the stage, and Chopper Man follows, asking for something. She gets frustrated, and the hero apologizes. Suddenly, their doorbell rings, and Namifia runs to get it. Usodabada walks in earing sunglasses and pretends to be a fashion designer named “Usopierre,” accompanied by a disguised Robiflowan. Usopierre praises Chopper Man, and he and Robiflowan offer Namifia a dress. Namifia steps inside a blue ring, and when Robiflowan picks it up, it raises a blue curtain around Namifia to change into her new dress. Usopierre starts a drumroll in anticipation, and Robiflowan introduces Namifia in a new pink sleeveless dress to match Chopper Man’s cape. Namifia and Chopper Man are amazed. Robiflowan removes Chopper Man’s cape and offers to get him a new one, and the two villains leave.

Namifia performs a dance routine for the audience while Chopper Man claps to the beat of the music on the side of the stage. After the routine ends, Chopper Man suddenly begins moving on his own in still, robotic motions. Namifia tries to get him to loosen up, but Chopper Man runs in circles and uses his Chopper Violence attack until he gets dizzy. He is unable to perform his Kyuun Spark. The two leave the stage, and Usodabada and Robiflowan return with Chopper Man’s cape in hand. Sanjirops and Zorokiller come in, and Sanjirops fawns over Robiflowan.

The group begins wandering through the audience, and the host calls out to Chopper Man for help. He appears with a new cape, much to Usodabada’s surprise. The villain leaves Chopper Man to face the three, but after Robiflowan leaves and the other two wait with the hero, Usodabada returns as Usopierre, claiming to have an invisible cape for Chopper Man to wear. Sanjirops and Zorokiller play along with the act, but when Namifia arrives, Sanjirops runs to her side. He and Zorokiller begin to fight over whether or not to deceive the assistant, and Robiflowan comes in. Namifia asks her if the cape is real, and Robiflowan runs her hand back and forth underneath Usopierre’s arms, who is pretending to hold the cape, to prove that it is there. When Namifia tries the same thing, she realizes that Usopierre is lying and is actually Usodabada. Chopper Man is surprised, and he uses Kyuun Spark to stun the villains and Chopper Violence to knock them away.

The show’s host announces Chopper Man’s victory, and Chopper Man and Namifia decide what to do with their victory. They perform another dance routine before leaving the stage. The host returns to the stage and thanks the audience, marking the show’s end.


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