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Chopperman: Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei is a One Piece spin-off manga set in the Chopper Man universe. It is written and illustrated by Hirofumi Takei (武井宏文 Takei Hirofumi?). It originally ran in Shueisha's Saikyō Jump in 2011, when the magazine was released as a quarterly extra bundled with Shonen Jump and V Jump. After Saikyō Jump became an independent monthly magazine, the series was replaced by a second Chopperman series.


Chopper is a reindeer human who works as a health teacher in a school. When one of his students is injured by the evil Dr. Usodabada, Chopper becomes the teacher of justice, Chopperman.


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Chopperman Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Chopperman: Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei (チョッパーマン ゆけゆけ! みんなのチョッパー先生 Choppāman: Yuke Yuke! Minna no Choppā-sensei?) February 3, 2012
November 9, 2012 (Digital)[3]
160 ISBN 978-4-08-870441-8
  • 001. Everyone's Chopper-sensei Debuts: The Chapter (みんなのチョッパー先生、登場の巻 Minna no Choppā-sensei, Tōjō no Maki?)
  • 002. Terror! Onigiri Mystery Man Appears: The Chapter (恐怖! おにぎり怪人出現の巻 Kyōfu! Onigiri Kaijin Shutsugen no Maki?)
  • 003. Flower Mystery Woman and Perverted Monster VS Chopperman and Zorokiller: The Chapter (お花怪人とエロ怪獣VSバーサスチョッパーマンとゾロキラーの巻 Ohana Kaijin to Ero Kaijū Bāsasu Choppāman to Zorokirā no Maki?)
  • 004. Battle Royal at the Athletic Meet!?: The Chapter (運動会で大乱戦!?の巻 Undōkai de Dai Ransen! ? no Maki?)
Cover character(s)

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