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Chopperman is a One Piece spin-off manga set in the Chopper Man universe. It is written and illustrated by Hirofumi Takei (武井宏文, Takei Hirofumi?). It originally ran in Shueisha's monthly Saikyō Jump magazine between the years 2011 and 2014.


Chopperman (Tony Tony Chopper) is a superhero who lives on Tony Tony Island and fights against an evil organization led by Dr. Usodabada (Usopp).


Further information: Chopper Man#Characters

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Further information: Tony Tony Chopper

Chopperman (チョッパーマン, Choppāman?) is the protagonist of the Chopperman series. He is a hero protecting the peace on Tony-Tony Island. He uses his cape to fly around the island during emergencies. His primary attack is "Kyuun Spark" (キューンスパーク, Kyūnsupāku?), though he will resort to "Chopper Violence" (チョッパーバイオレンス, Choppābaiorensu?) if it fails. He is empowered by friendship, and will become stronger the more people he hears cheering for him. His hat is pink when he's invigorated and white when he's been defeated, but it can be recharged if enough people cheer for his success.[3] His sense of smell is 10,000 times the average.[4]

Chopperman wields the power of the "Cross Power" (〝クロスパワー〟, Kurosupawā?), allowing him to double all his abilities. The power is contained in his hat. When his hat turns white, it means that the Cross Power is primed to be activated, and upon genuine, heartfelt cheering from his companions, the hat becomes dark red. During this time, Chopperman's abilities are doubled, lasting until the threat is defeated. The Cross Power's power only functions if the cheering is a genuine plea from those the wielder is helping, and it cannot be forced.[5]

Air Force C[]

The Air Force C (エアフオースニC, Eafuōsuni C?) is Chopperman's private jet. There are two versions of the jet, a model version and a real plane.[6][7] The model version includes a M61A1 Vulcan 20mm caliber cannon, two missile launchers, and two Aim-9J missiles.[8] The capabilities of the jet version are unknown.


Further information: Nami

Namifia (ナミフィア, Namifia?) is Chopperman's assistant. She works inside Chopperman's Hideout, waiting for emergency reports.[6] However, once the emergency occurs, she will always come with Chopperman to resolve it. Before the heroes discovered Dr. Usodabada's true identity, she did all the investigation work for it, while Chopperman and Zorokiller simply ignored it.[9]


Further information: Roronoa Zoro

Onigiri Mystery Man, Zorokiller (おにぎり怪人 ゾロギラー, Onigiri Kaijin Zorokilã?) is a monster created by Dr. Usodabada to take over Tony-Tony Island. However, he was created without a memory, and does not remember anything from before landing on the island,[6] though he does recover some memories later.[10] He was inspired by Chopperman's friendship with the island's residents and joined his side, helping to defend the island. Like his main series counterpart, he has no sense of direction.[11]


Further information: Sanji

Perverted Monster, Sanjirops (エロ怪獣・サンジロプス, Ero Kaijū Sanjiropusu?) was one of Dr. Usodabada's two monster lieutenants, along with Robinflowan. When he worked with Dr. Usodabada, he very rarely listened to his orders, doing what he wanted instead.[4][9] However, he was motivated by women, and went to Tony-Tony Island when he was told that Chopperman was holding a bikini contest.[10] He refuses to work with anybody who would harm or threaten women, even going so far as to ally with Chopperman when Dr. Usodabada took Namifia hostage.[10]


Further information: Nico Robin

Flower Mystery Woman, Robiflowan (お花怪人ロビフラワン, Hana Kaijin Robifurawan?) was one of Dr. Usodabada two monster lieutentants, along with Sanjirops. When she worked with Dr. Usodabada, she never listened to his orders, to the point of leaving to go on vacation without informing him.[11] Upon returning from her vacation, she ran into Chopperman on Tabetsukusare Island, and asked to join his group instantly due to his cuteness.[12]

Giant Luffy Bomber[]

Further information: Monkey D. Luffy

Robot of Mass Destruction, Giant Luffy Bomber (秘密兵器巨大ロボジャイアントルフィボンバー, Himitsu Heiki Kyodai Robojaiantorufibonbā?) is a giant robot created by Dr. Usodabada. He is 50 meters tall[13] and was meant to be a weapon of ultimate destruction. However, there seems to be an error in his logical programming, causing him to be childish and not want to fight. He was found by Chopperman in Dr. Usodabada's laboratory and brought to Tony-Tony Island, and began helping to protect the residents.[13]

Tony-Tony Island Residents[]

The residents of Tony-Tony island live under Chopperman's protection, to the point where Boodle even considered Chopperman the "true" leader of the island.[3] They live in harmony with animals, and are at peace with nature.[6]


Further information: Bartholomew Kuma

Mew (ミュー, Myū?) is a bear that lives on Tony-Tony Island, under the care of Auntie Monday. He was raised by Auntie Monday and her husband since he was a cub, and helps with their beekeeping.[4]

Auntie Monday[]

Further information: Monday (Non-Canon)


Further information: Genzo

Gen (ゲン, Gen?) is a fisherman living on Tony-Tony Island. He was the first to fight Death Hatch, and is the person who called for Chopperman's help. He also helped to hold Bara Buggy's separated limbs.


Further information: Gaimon

Gaimonkey (ガイモンキー, Gaimonkī?) is a human that living in the Tony-Tony Island#Forest of Rare Animals. At some point in the past, he got stuck in a crate, and the animals took care of him. In return, he began living in the forest and protecting the animals, eventually becoming their leader.[14]

Tabetsukusare Island Residents[]


Further information: Kuromarimo

Shiromarimo (シロマーリモ, Shiromārimo?) is a man living on Tabetsukusare Island with his family. He is married to Cheko, and they have two kids together. He used to live in a big city, but wanted a break from city life and so moved to an island where him and his family could be in peace with nature. They were eventually attacked by Wapoln, but Chopperman, Zorokiller, and Sanjirops saved them.[11]

Shiromarimo and his wife later saved Chopperman and Zorokiller from drowning, and welcomed Damaswan to live with them and protect their island.[12]


Further information: Chess

Cheko (チェ子, Che-ko?) is a woman living on Tabetsukusare Island with her family. She is married to Shiromarimo, and they have two kids together. She used to live in a big city, but her husband wanted a break from city life, so they moved to an island where they could be in peace with nature. They were eventually attacked by Wapoln, but Chopperman, Zorokiller, and Sanjirops saved them.[11]

Cheko and her husband later saved Chopperman and Zorokiller from drowning, and welcomed Damaswan to live with them and protect their island.[12]


Further information: Bentham

Transforming Monster Damaswan (変身怪人ダマスワン, Henshinkaijin Damasuwan?) is a monster originally created by Dr. Usodabada to protect the second floor of his lair. However, after witnessing the friendship of Chopperman and his team, he was motivated to switch sides, helping to fight Great Crocosaurus.[15] He has the ability to transform into anybody he's seen, though he doesn't gain their abilities or strength.[16][17] He can also fly using his swan wings.[18] After meeting Shiromarimo and Cheko, he remained on Tabetsukusare Island to protect them from future threats.[12]

Other Allies[]


Further information: Helmeppo

Lieutenant Helmeppoli (ヘルメッポリ警部補, Herumeppori Keibuho?) is a lieutenant in the East Blue Police Force. He was charged with tracking down and arresting Black Brook, and he gave the location of Black Brook's rumoured hideout to Chopperman.[19]



Dr. Usodabada[]

Further information: Usopp

Dr. Usodabada (Dr.ウソダバダ, Dokutā Usodabada?) is an evil genius, who's attempting to take over the world.[9] He began his attempted conquest with Tony-Tony Island, picked randomly.[9] However, he was unable to defeat Chopperman, and so kept attempting to conquer the island. His soldiers obey him happily, but certain monsters (such as Sanjirops and Robinflowan) don't always obey.

After his defeat at Chopperman's hands, he lost his hearing.[20] This allowed him to be immune to Black Brook's musical abilities, which in turn allowed him to fake being under his control while infiltrating his gang.[19]

Dr. King Usodabada[]
Further information: Usopp and Sogeking

Ultimate Secret Weapon, Dr. King Usodabada (最終秘密兵器Dr.キングウソダバダ, Saishū Himitsu Heiki Dr. Kinguusodabada?) was Dr. Usodabada's ultimate weapon. It is a mech suit piloted by Dr. Usodabada himself, harnessing Black Brook's musical abilities. It is able to shoot "Ultrasound of Death" (死の超音波, Shi no Chōonpa?), a beam that turns all organic matter it touches into skeletons, as well as Zorokiller's, Sanjirops', and Robinflowan's attacks, to an even stronger degree than them.[21] The mech suit was ultimately destroyed by Chopperman.[7]

Dabada-gang Soldiers[]

The Dabada-gang (ウソダバ団, Usodaba-dan?) Soldiers are a number of unnamed, functionally faceless soldiers who follow Dr. Usodabada's orders. He mostly uses them for large-scale attacks against Chopperman or Zorokiller, but they are always defeated easily.

Death Hatch[]

Further information: Hatchan

Octo-Weapon Death Hatch (夕コロボ兵器 デスハッチ, Yū Korobo Heiki Desuhatchi?) was a monster created by Dr. Usodabada to take over Tony-Tony Island after Zorokiller's defection. He is a robot ressembling Hatchan, with tentacles that can transform into rotating spikes to increase his damage.[4] He was defeated by Chopperman, forcing Dr. Usodabada to retreat. Death Hatch was abandoned in the ocean, floating with octopuses.

Bara Buggy[]

Further information: Buggy

Red-Nosed Terror, Bara Buggy (赤鼻怪人バラバギー, Akabana Kaijin Barabagī?) was a monster created by Dr. Usodabada to take over Tony-Tony Island after Death Hatch's defeat. He has the ability to fragment his body and remotely control the parts, making him nearly impossible to defeat. However, the residents of Tony-Tony Island discovered that his head could only move so far from his body parts, and they held his separated body in place, allowing Chopperman to defeat him.[3]

Bara Buggy later returned to Tony-Tony Island, during Dr. Usodabada's return. With his increased strength, he was able to nearly defeat Robinflowan, and was immune to Zorokiller and Sanjirops' attacks. However, he was easily defeated by Chopperman.[20]


Further information: Enel

Gorogorobot "Enelgotton" (ゴロゴロボット"エネルゴシトン", Gorogorobotto "Enerugoshiton"?) is a robot created by Dr. Usodabada as a backup measure in case of Bara Buggy's defeat. He was able to summon and control lightning at will, though he could not become it, unlike his One Piece counterpart. However, despite his immense power, he has no will of his own, and is controlled completely by Dr. Usodabada's remote controller. He nearly defeated Zorokiller and Chopperman at the same time, but Chopperman was able to destroy Enelgotton at the last second, forcing Dr. Usodabada to flee once again.[22]

Mokmoker Z[]

Further information: Smoker

Smoke Robot Mokmoker Z (スモークロボモクモーカーZ, Sumōkurobomokumōkā Z?) was a robot created by Dr. Usodabada to guard the first floor of his lair. His strategy revolved around filling the fighting arena with smoke, then using his built-in infrared sensors to track his opponents. However, a weakness in his strategy is that if there are too many heat sources, he becomes unable to track his opponents. Sanjirops took advantage of this to confuse Mokmoker Z, allowing Zorokiller to defeat him.[23]


Main article: Usodabird

Great Crocosaurus[]

Further information: Crocodile

Giant Monster Weapon Great Crocosaurus (巨大怪獣兵器 ブしートクロコザウルス, Kyodai kaijū heiki bu shi ̄tokurokozaurusu?) is a giant crocodile monster created by Dr. Usodabada to protect the third floor of his lair. It's so powerful that not even Dr. Usodabada can control it,[15] and his soldiers tried to stop him from freeing it.[17] It's jaw has a pressing force of two tons, with it's tail have a force of at least ten tons.[15] However, it also uses it's tail to balance itself and navigate, and becomes extremely disoriented when it's cut off.[15] He is strong enough to completely collapse Dr. Usodabada's lair[15], though what happened to him afterwards is unknown[18]. He can also breath blasts of sand, seemingly enough to fill an entire room.[15]

Tama, Nin, & Pii[]

Further information: Tamanegi, Ninjin and Piiman

Killer Robot Trio Tama, Nin, & Pii (キラーロボトリオたま・にん・ピー, Kirārobotorio Tama Nin Pī?) is a trio of robots created by Dr. Usodabada, while he was working under Black Brook. They were designed to stall and defeat Chopperman and his friends at the ruins of Black Brook's old hideout, as well as show off Dr. Usodabada's monster-creation abilities.[24]


Further information: Brook

Brookbird (巨大改造人間ブルックバード, Kyodai Kaizō Ningen Burukkubādo?) was a giant cyborg created by Dr. Usodabada, which used Black Brook as a catalyst for its abilities. While its legs were weak, it was able to transform into a jet, and was able to shoot an "Ultrasound of Death" (死の超音波, Shi no Chōonpa?), a beam that would transform all organic matter it hit into skeletons.[25] It also contained the Dr. King Usodabada, which could be triggered once the Brookbird was destroyed.[21]

Other Villains[]


Further information: Jabra

Hunter of Rare Animals, Warujabra (珍獣ハン夕ーワハジャブラ, Chinjū Han Yū ̄Wahajabura?) is a wolf hunter, focusing on the rare hybrid animals that are found in the Forest of Rare Animals. He sets traps for his opponents, waiting at their only source of medecine, and doesn't hesitate to fight outside forces who get involved in his hunts. He was forced into becoming friends with Gaimonkey and the rare animals, though whether or not he stayed in the forest is unclear.


Further information: Wapol

Gluttonous Hippo, Wapoln (きょうしょくカバワポルン, Kyōsho Ku Waporun?) is a hippo who travels through the ocean, landing on random islands and eating everything he can. It's said that he can eat an entire island if he's not stopped. He attacked Shiromarimo and Cheko's island, but was stopped by Chopperman, Zorokiller, and Sanjirops.[11]


Further information: Spandam

Robot Collector Spanda (ロボコレク夕ースパンダ, Robokoreku Yū ̄Supanda?) is a fanatic robot collector. He flies around the East Blue, taking robots and leaving behind briefcases of money. He attempted to steal Giant Luffy Bomber from Tony-Tony Island, but was stopped by Chopperman.[26]

Black Brook[]

Further information: Brook

Gangster Musician Black Brook (ギャング音楽家ブラックブルック, Gyangu Ongakuka Burakkuburukku?) is a high-profile criminal in the East Blue. His music can brainwash those who hear it, as well as force people who lie to him into a near-vegetative state.[19] He uses this power to steal money, and has succeeded in becoming extremely rich, to the point where Dr. Usodabada considered his wealth enough to create the ultimate weapon.[24] At some point in the past, he seemingly lost to the East Blue police force and was executed, but had actually faked his death.[20]

He was searching for the "Cross Power" (〝クロスパワー〟, Kurosupawā?), planning to use it to take over the world. It would allow him to project his music directly into people's minds, bypassing his only weakness.[5] However, he could not fulfill it's activation conditions.


Chopperman Volume 1
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Our Hero Chopperman Appears!! (僕らのヒーロー チョッパーマン登場!!, Bokura no Hīrō Choppāman Tōjō!!?) May 2, 2012[27] 176 978-4-08-870447-0
  • 001. Our Hero Chopperman Appears!! (僕らのヒーロー チョッパーマン登場!!, Bokura no Hīrō Choppāman Tōjō!!?)
  • 002. Your Friend is the "Tyrant"!? (友達は〝暴君〟!?, Tomodachi wa "Bōkun"!??)
  • 003. The Army of Evil, "Dabadadenki"!? (悪の軍団〝ダバダデンキ〟!?, Aku no Gudan "Dabadenki"!??)
  • 004. "Red Nose" VS "Big Nose" (〝赤鼻〟VSバーサス〝大鼻〟, "Akahana" Bāsasu "Ōhana"?)
  • 005. Terror! "Lightning Robot" Appears!! (恐怖! 〝雷ロボ〟出現!!, Kyōfu! "Kaminari Robo" Shutsugen!!?)
Cover character(s)

Chopperman Volume 1

Chopperman Volume 2
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
"Perverted Monster" Attacks!!! (〝工ロ怪獣〟襲来!!!, Ero Kaijū Shūrai!!!?) November 2, 2012[28] 174 978-4-08-870547-7
  • 006. "Forest of Strange Animals" (〝珍獣の森〟, 〝Chinjū no Mori〟?)
  • 007. "Perverted Monster" Attacks!!! (〝工ロ怪獣〟襲来!!!, Ero Kaijū Shūrai!!!?)
  • 008. Climax Ero Shoot!! (絶頂エロシユート!!, Zetchō Ero Shūto?)
  • 009. Tabetsukusare Island (食べつくされ島, Tabetsukusare-jima?)
  • 010. Breaking In! Usodaba Gang Evil Base (突入! ウソダバ団 悪の基地, Totsunyū! Usodaba-dan Aku no Kichi?)
Cover character(s)

Chopperman Volume 2

Chopperman Volume 3
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Cheering Energy (応援エネルギー, Ōen Enerugī?) June 4, 2013[29] 164 978-4-08-870678-8
  • 011. Mass Chaos!! (大混乱!!, Dai Konran!!?)
  • 012. Zorokiller vs. Zorokiller (ゾロキラー対ゾロキラー, Zorokirā tai Zorokirā?)
  • 013. "Giant Monster Weapon" Appears! (〝巨大怪獣兵器〟現る!, "Kyodai Kaijū Heiki" Arawaru!?)
  • 014. Cheering Energy (応援エネルギー, Ōen Enerugī?)
  • 015. "Flower Mystery Woman" (〝お花怪人〟, "Ohana Kaijin"?)
Cover character(s)

Chopperman Volume 3

Chopperman Volume 4
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
"Nightmare Once More" (〝悪夢ふたたび〟, "Akumu Futatabi"?) January 17, 2014[30] 160 978-4-08-870847-8
  • 016. The Sleeping "Dangerous Person" (ねむる 〝危険物〟, Nemuru "Kiken-mono"?)
  • 017. Robot Collector (ロボコレクター, Robo Korekutā?)
  • 018. "Nightmare Once More" (〝悪夢ふたたび〟, "Akumu Futatabi"?)
  • 019. Bigshot Gangster "B.B." (大物ギャング 〝B・Bビー・ビー, Ōmono Gyangu "Bī Bī"?)
  • 020. "X Symbol" (〝バツ印〟, "Batsu Shirushi"?)
Cover character(s)

Chopperman Volume 4

Chopperman Volume 5
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Our Friend Chopperman! (ぼくらの友達 チョッパーマン!, Bokura no Tomodachi Choppāman!?) June 4, 2014[31] 158 978-4-08-880082-0
  • 021. Tony Tony Island in Danger (〝ト二ート二ー島の危機〟, 〝Tonī ̄Tonī-tō no Kiki〟?)
  • 022. "Cross Power" (〝クロスパワー〟, "Kurosupawā"?)
  • 023. "Ultrasound of Death" (〝死の超音波〟, "Shi no Chōonpa"?)
  • 024. Chance of Victory VS Chance of Victory​​ (勝機 VSバーサス 勝機, Shōki Bāsasu Shōki?)
  • 025. Our Friend Chopperman! (ぼくらの友達 チョッパーマン!, Bokura no Tomodachi Choppāman!?)
Cover character(s)

Chopperman Volume 5

Takei-sensei's Note[]

In addition to the standard Author's Notes on the sleeve's inside flap, the Chopperman volumes also included a note at the end of each volume, titled Takei-sensei's Note (?).

Takei-sensei's Note
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5
Volume 1
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 001 Takei-sensei's Note I pray that you enjoyed reading this volume and that you'll continue to follow the series with as much pleasure that I have creating it!
Volume 2
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 002 Takei-sensei's Note Thank you for the warm encouragement boosting me up. Rest assured that I do my best to make the series as fun as possible!
Volume 4
Thank you for having read the 4th volume of Chopperman's adventures! I write the manga alone, which represents a fairly large amount of work, and consequently numerous hours spent at my drawing table. Up to now, I sat comfortably on a chair that I've had for years, but unfortunately, my cat made it unusable by vomiting all over it... so my vertebrae risk making me suffer while I break in my new seat. There's a little overview of my workspace (and I won't tell you about the cat's crate!).

See you soon for Volume 5!

Volume 5
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 005 Takei-sensei's Note I infinitely thank all the people involved in the realization of this series, and especially Eiichiro Oda-sensei, of course.

And, of course, to all of you faithful readers who have followed Chopperman's adventures to the end... a big thank you from the bottom of my heart!!



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