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Chopperman Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei is the volume of Chopperman: Go Go! Everyone's Chopper-sensei.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover depicts Chopperman in the front, with various characters around him. Dr. Usodaba is directly behind him, flanked by Sanjirops, Robiflowan, and Zorokiller. Around Chopperman are Ms. Nami and some of the schoolchildren.

The background is yellow, and the title is listed above them.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Chopperman Go Go Intro Image


Chapter 1[]

Everyone's Chopper-sensei Debuts: The Chapter
Chopperman enters his office, carrying a Poopshroom. As he explains what it is to Tamanegi and Piiman, Ms. Nami enters, angrily telling him not to show his inappropriate mushrooms to the students. However, as he begins explaining that it's a medical herb, a group of students enter the office with an injured Koby. As Chopperman treats Koby, he is told that there's a giant robot in the schoolyard, crushing everything. After Chopperman's initial excitement at a giant robot, he notices that the robot and the Dabada Soldiers are attacking the schoolchildren.

He jumps out the window to save them, but is caught by Ms. Nami, who explains to Chopperman who Dr. Usodabada is. She states that he is the personification of evil, and a mad genius who's trying to take over the world. However, this doesn't stop Chopperman, who refuses to stand by and watch while his students are in trouble. He jumps outside, defeating one of the Dabada Soldiers. Dr. Usodabada, from the cockpit of the Giant Luffy Bomber, is enraged, and he begins a monologue about taking over the world. However, Chopperman gets distracted by Lucky Roux's manga, angering Dr. Usodabada even more and prompting him to skip his monologue, attacking again instead. Chopperman tells the students to run to the infirmary, preparing to fight back.

As the Dabada Soldiers charge Chopperman, he attacks them with his Kyuun Spark (キューンスパーク, Kyūnsupāku?), quickly defeating them. However, the attack does not work on Dr. Usodabada himself, who prepares to crush Chopperman. Chopperman dodges around as Dr. Usodaba destroys the courtyard, but Usodabada aims one of Giant Luffy Bomber's cannons at the infirmary, holding the children hostage. This forces Chopperman to stand still and take the full force of Dr. Usodabada's attacks.

However, as Dr. Usodabada launches a punch, he sneezes and accidentally hits the launch button, firing the cannons at the students. Without having to worry about hostages, and enraged that they have been shot, Chopperman uses a Ultimate Rumble Ball, transforming into a larger version of Arm Point. This allows Chopperman to quickly defeat Giant Luffy Bomber, taking off its' arm with one hit and smashing it with a barrage of punches. Dr. Usodabada goes flying, and as Chopperman plays with the children, he walks off in shame, carried by his soldiers, and swears to defeat Chopperman.

Chapter 2[]

Terror! Onigiri Mystery Man Appears: The Chapter
Chopperman is working in the infirmary when Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin tell him about a school-wide rice ball party being thrown. He begins making his way there, bringing a bucket of Poopshroom in case anybody feels sick, when he's stopped by Ms. Nami. She asks for a cure for a stomachache, and Chopperman suggests one of his Poopshrooms, but she angrily declines. As this happens, Dr. Usodabada listens using a mechanical beetle, and decides that he will ruin their rice ball party.

At the rice ball party, Zorokiller appears, and begins eating all the students' rice balls. Koby runs to get Chopperman's help, and they run to the gymnasium, with Chopperman preparing to fight Zorokiller. However, when he arrives, he is stopped by Dr. Usodabada, though Chopperman doesn't recognize him. Angry at being insulted, Dr. Usodabada tells his Dabada Soldiers to destroy everybody present. However, they misunderstand his instructions, and begin destroying the rice balls. Chopperman quickly defeats them, angry that they would destroy the students' work.

Dr. Usodabada instructs Zorokiller to help, but he refuses, stating that he won't work for somebody who would destroy rice balls. He then begins eating the destroyed ones off the floor, thanking the students for the delicious food. This enrages Dr. Usodabada, who pulls out a remote controller and reveals that it has the power to control Zorokiller, hijacking control of his body. He forces Zorokiller to begin fighting Chopperman, blasting him with a gust of salted plum pits. As Chopperman struggles to avoid the pits, Dr. Usodabada calls him pathetic, enraging the students and prompting them to throw sports balls at him. However, Zorokiller turns towards the students, attacking them with Zorokiller Ultimate Technique: Oni Giri.

This enrages Chopperman, who stands up and uses the Ultimate Rumble Ball, transforming into a larger version of Leg Point. This allows him to easily dodge Zorokiller's salted peach pits, quickly approaching and attacking Dr. Usodabada, destroying the remote controller and freeing Zorokiller. Now freed, Zorokiller asks if he can remain at the elementary school, which Ms. Nami accepts.

Chapter 3[]

Flower Mystery Woman and Perverted Monster VS Chopperman and Zorokiller: The Chapter
In the infirmary, Chopperman prepares a bowl of Straw Hat Mushroom spores. He announces that they'll plant a field of the mushrooms, and the next day, they'll all have straw hats to block the sun. However, as him and Zorokiller begin planting the spores, Ms. Nami points out that the students already have helmets during gym class, but the students says that they prefer the straw hats. Zorokiller points out that the gym helmets don't protect from the sun, annoying Ms. Nami. As they argue, Dr. Usodabada listens using a mechanical beetle, and decides that he will destroy all plant life around the school.

The next day, the students arrive to see the school seemingly in a wasteland. As Chopperman walks to school, Ninjin, Tamanegi, and Piiman run to find him, telling him about the lack of plant life. Every tree has been cleared of leaves, and all bushes are gone. Chopperman assumes that Ms. Nami cleared it as punishment for the argument the previous day, but she angrily says that she would never do that. As they talk, Koby runs up to them, informing them that the Straw Hat Mushrooms are still intact. He reveals that Zorokiller and a group of students have been protecting them from a terrifying flower monster, Robinflowan. As Chopperman looks to the Straw Hat Mushroom crops, he sees Zorokiller fighting off Robinflowan, but they're at a standstill, with injured students around them.

Angry about the injured students, Chopperman rushes in to attack Robinflowan, but Zorokiller is suddenly attacked by Sanjirops, throwing him backwards into the school. Sanjirops admonishes Zorokiller and Chopperman for attacking a woman, though Robinflowan doesn't seem to care about what he's saying. Suddenly, Dr. Usodabada appears, telling the assembled students that Robinflowan and Sanjirops are his creation. However, Chopperman doesn't recognize him again, and he inadvertantly insults Dr. Usodabada, making him angry and prompting him to order his forces to charge. Chopperman defends the students, using a Kyuun Spark, which instantly defeats the Dabada Soldiers and converts Robinflowan to his side.

This enrages Sanjirops, who feels that Chopperman has interfered with his relationship with Robinflowan. However, as he begins to attack, he sees Ms. Nami cheering for Chopperman, declaring her an angel and switching sides as well. However, Ms. Nami refuses his offer, instead hitting him over the head. Dr. Usodabada prepares to destroy the Straw Hat Mushrooms himself, distracting Chopperman and allowing a downed Sanjirops to attack Chopperman from behind. As Chopperman is stuck between Sanjirops and Dr. Usodabada, Dr. Usodabada declares himself the winner, but it suddenly starts raining straw hats. Everyone turns back to the field to see Zorokiller has harvested the fully-grown fungi, giving the children hats and allowing Chopperman to fight back properly, as well as allowing Zorokiller himself to rejoin the fight. Zorokiller quickly defeats Sanjirops using Zorokiller Ultimate Technique: Oni Giri, and Chopperman defeats Dr. Usodabada using the Ultimate Rumble Ball.

With Dr. Usodabada on the floor, Sanjirops and Robinflowan ask to switch sides, which Chopperman accepts, and he tells the children to go play with their new allies. However, Ms. Nami tells them that it's actually class time, getting angry and scaring the children back to class.

Chapter 4[]

Battle Royal at the Athletic Meet!?: The Chapter
The students prepare for a sports festival, and ask Chopperman when they can start. He tells them that's prepared Oyster Mushroom Bandages and Antiseptic Porcini Mushrooms, so they don't need to worry about getting hurt, which Ms. Nami misunderstands as him encouraging them to get hurt. The students begin crying and yelling at Ms. Nami not to vilify Chopperman, but are quickly distracted by Zorokiller's rice ball stand and Robinflowan's flower stand. As the sports festival begins, Dr. Usodabada listens using a mechanical beetle, and plans to ruin the festival. However, it's soon revealed that he's actually at the school as well, just hiding in bushes across the field.

As the students prepare for the 50 meter sprint, Dr. Usodabada runs over to them, badly disguised as Ms. Nami. Despite the Dabada Soldiers doubts, the disguise works, and the students think that he's actually Ms. Nami. He waits for the race to start, then throws marbles all over the track, causing the students and Sanjirops to fall. However, Chopperman is able to patch up their injuries, getting angry that Ms. Nami would be so mean.

As he yells at Dr. Usodabada, the real Ms. Nami comes up behind him, confused what Chopperman is talking about. Confused, Chopperman quickly comes to the conclusion that Ms. Nami has been duplicated, and Dr. Usodabada takes advantage of the confusion to claim that Ms. Nami is the imposter. Ms. Nami begins attacking Dr. Usodabada, and Robinflowan intervenes, telling them not to fight. Sanjirops approaches, stating he won the race, and accidentally blowing fire onto Dr. Usodabada, burning away his disguise. This causes the Dabada Soldiers to run out with water to save him, fully blowing his cover.

Abandoning his original plan, Dr. Usodabada begins monologuing about defeating Chopperman, though Chopperman still doesn't recognize him. He finally recognizes Dr. Usodabada's nose, which annoys Dr. Usodabada and prompts him to send his soldiers forward to fight. However, they are quickly defeated by Zorokiller, Robinflowan, and Sanjirops, and Dr. Usodabada runs away, calling the Giant Luffy Bomber for help. It arrives, confusing Chopperman, who thought he had destroyed it, but Dr. Usodabada reveals that he repaired and upgraded it, renaming it the Giant Luffy Bomber, New Model. He orders the robot to take hostages, and it reaches down, grabbing a handful of children. It then attempts to stomp on Chopperman, which Chopperman can't dodge for fear of Giant Luffy Bomber harming the hostage children.

Zorokiller tries to intervene, but Dr. Usodabada stops him, threatening to hurt the hostages. However, the commotion attracts Giant Luffy Bomber's attention, who asks Zorokiller for a rice ball. Zorokiller accepts, preparing a giant one, and Giant Luffy Bomber enjoys it so much that he frees the hostages, no longer wanting to fight Chopperman and going to sleep. This allows Dr. Usodabada to sneak inside the cockpit and force control of Giant Luffy Bomber, attacking Chopperman.

As Giant Luffy Bomber stands up, Zorokiller attacks him with Zorokiller Ultimate Technique: Oni Giri, but it doesn't even scratch him. Sanjirops attacking with Ultimate Technique: Collier Shoot, but all it does it harm Sanjirops' foot, and both him and Zorokiller fall to the floor, defeated. Angry, Chopperman uses Ultimate Rumble Ball, transforming into a larger version of Arm Point. However, Dr. Usoadabada only laughs, stating that Chopperman wouldn't be willing to hurt a friend.

Chopperman punches Giant Luffy Bomber, and Dr. Usodabada ejects the cockpit out of fear. However, Chopperman stops just before hitting Giant Luffy Bomber, avoiding harming his friend while still getting Dr. Usodabada out. As Dr. Usodabada flies away on a flying chair, he states that he'll be back, but Chopperman returns to his normal form and flies after him, catching up to him quickly and destroying the chair.

The students celebrate Dr. Usodabada's defeat, and continue the sports festival. They redo the 50 meter sprint, with Giant Bomber Luffy winning in one step, and Chopperman notices Dr. Usodabada hiding behind a tree. He invites the mad scientist to join them, and Dr. Usodabada accepts, revealing that he was only being mean because he wanted to make friends.


  • In Chapter 2, Zorokiller eats the students' destroyed rice balls off the floor, likely in reference to when his main series counterpart ate Rika's destroyed rice balls.
  • Zorokiller's ultimate attack is titled Zorokiller Ultimate Technique: Oni Giri, the same name as one of Roronoa Zoro's signature technique and a pun on his name, as Rice Balls (おにぎり, Onigiri?) are called "onigiri" in Japanese.
  • Unlike Chopperman for the New World, Sanjirops has the opposite reaction to finding out about Robinflowan's betrayal: in Chopperman Go Go! he attacks Chopperman, while in Chopperman for the New World he switches sides as well.


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