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Our Hero Chopperman Appears!! is the first volume of Chopperman, including chapters 1 - 5.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover depicts Chopperman flying, with Namifia and Zorokiller beside him. The background depicts a top-down view of Tony-Tony Island.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 001 Intro Image

At night, when it's time for dinner and I can't decide what to eat, I dream that at least once, I could eat everything that I think of! What's amazing about manga is that they allow you to fulfill this kind of crazy desire.


Chapter 1[]

Our Hero Chopperman Appears!!
Chopperman flies over Tony-Tony Island, delivering fish to some of the residents. When he gets back to his hideout, Namifia informs him that children have been attacked by a rice ball monster. The two of them rush to the scene, and find Onigiri Mystery Man, Zorokiller attacking a group of children.

Chopperman begins by asking if Zorokiller wants to be friends, but Zorokiller rejects the proposal, stating that all he wants are rice balls and attacking Chopperman. As Chopperman begins defending himself, Namifia hears someone in the bushes behind them, and the Dabada soldiers jump out, rushing Chopperman. However, he is able to quickly defeat them with Kyuun Spark, though it doesn't work against Zorokiller. Zorokiller and Chopperman continue fighting, and Zorokiller is able to knock back Chopperman.

Zorokiller launches a volley of salted prune pits, but Chopperman is able to evade them, approaching Zorokiller and nearly defeating him. However, Zorokiller is able to exhaust Chopperman, turning his hat white. Worried about his success, the children and Namifia cheer for Chopperman, restoring his hat to it's original pink color and revitalizing him. Zorokiller is awed by the display of friendship that he's witnessing and is able to break off from the orders he's been receiving, attacking Chopperman with his ultimate attack, 'Oni Giri. However, Chopperman is able to approach Zorokiller and defeat him with Chopper Violence, ending the fight.

Chopperman once again asks Zorokiller to be his friend, and Zorokiller agrees. He states that he realizes how similar the words "heroism" and "rice balls" are, and vows to help Chopperman protect Tony-Tony Island. Meanwhile, the Dabada soldiers row away from the island, peaking Namifia's curiosity into who they are, though Chopperman and Zorokiller just play with the kids.

Chapter 2[]

Your Friend is the "Tyrant"!?
Chopperman and Zorokiller sit in Chopperman's Hideout while Namifia makes rice balls. Namifia asks Zorokiller is knows who those mysterious people were, but Zorokiller says that he doesn't remember anything from before landing on Tony-Tony Island. Namifia points out that they referred to their "leader", and that they'll probably come back. However, Chopperman and Zorokiller have moved on from the conversation, and get ready to go fishing. Right as they're about to leave, however, Namifia gets an emergency call that residents are being attacked by a bear, and the heroes rush to help.

On the way there, Chopperman wonders if it's Mew, though Zorokiller is confused about who Mew is. When the heroes arrive, they find Auntie Monday on the floor, and her husband being attacked by Mew. They say that Mew was acting normally until he suddenly started attacking them. Chopperman tries to talk sense into Mew, but he just continues to attack them, trying to eat them. Auntie Monday's husband tries to remind Mew that Chopperman is his friend, but Mew states that their not friends, and he just sees Chopperman as food.

Namifia and Zorokiller ask Auntie Monday if anything happened to make him so aggresive, and she tells them that he was yawning when a bird flew into his throat. His first taste of meat awoke his dormant animalistic instincts, and he's being trying to eat them. However, Chopperman realizes that the bird is still alive in Mew's throat, and decides to get him to vomit it back up. Eventually, Zorokiller is able to hit Mew with a variation of Oni Giri, "Spitting" Oni Giri ("吐き"おに斬り, "Haki" Onigiri?), and after one more hit of Chopper Violence, Mew spits out the bird. He is quickly restored to his normal self, and asks if Chopperman is visiting for their fishing trip already.

As the bird flies away, it cries out "Dabada", making Zorokiller and Namifia wonder if it was being controlled by the same people as the mysterious goons from the other day. Meanwhile, from afar, Dr. Usodabada watches with a telescope, angry that they were able to get the bird out of Mew's throat, and he vows to defeat Chopperman.

Chapter 3[]

The Army of Evil, "Dabadadenki"!?
Chopperman and Zorokiller catch fish while Namifia researches the Dabada attackers. They offer her a fish, though destroy the front entrance of Chopperman's Hideout in the process.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Usodabada's lair, he's planning another attack on Tony-Tony Island. He asks Sanjirops and Robinflowan to go attack, but they both refuse, so he decides to create a new monster instead.

Back on Tony-Tony Island, the heroes are watching television when a commercial for "Dabada Home Appliances" appears. Namifia and Zorokiller quickly realize that they're connected to the mysterious goons, when Dr. Usodabada himself comes on, stating that he's planning to take over the world. He challenges Chopperman to try and stop him, though the hero doesn't know who he is. Soon after, they receive an emergency call from Genzo, that the port has been attacked.

The heroes rush to the scene, and find Octo-Weapon, Death Hatch attacking the fishermen. As Chopperman and Zorokiller prepare to fight, Dr. Usodabada appears, announcing his intention to take over the world. After an argument with the heroes, he sends out his goons as a mass attack, forcing Zorokiller to focus on them while Chopperman fights Death Hatch. However, the two heroes are able to easily defeat their opponents, and Dr. Usodabada tells Death Hatch to transform his tentacles into spikes. Death Hatch unleashes a torrent of attacks onto Chopperman, destroying the ground under him and forcing the hero back.

However, Chopperman and Zorokiller are able to get a joint attack of Chopper Violence and Tatsu Maki, defeating Death Hatch. Dr. Usodabada is forced to retreat, abandoning his goons and Death Hatch on the island, and the residents celebrate the heroes' victory. Meanwhile, Death Hatch leaves the island, retreating to the ocean.

Chapter 4[]

"Red Nose" VS "Big Nose"
In Dr. Usodabada's lair, the mad scientist begins work on another plan to defeat Chopperman. Sanjirops and Robinflowan decline to fight once again, and Dr. Usodabada is forced to create a new monster.

On Tony-Tony Island, the residents are having a festival. Chopperman and Namifia walk through the festival, and find Boodle. As they talk, however, the island is attacked by Dr. Usodabada, this time using Red-Nosed Terror, Bara Buggy.

Chopperman begins fighting the monster, seemingly defeating it easily. However, Dr. Usodabada just laughs at them, and Chopperman is suddenly hit from behind by a floating hand, confusing the island's residents. Dr. Usodabada reveals that Bara Buggy has the power to separate and control his body parts at will, and the monster quickly gets the upper hand on Chopperman and Zorokiller, both of whom are unable to hit him.

However, Zorokiller realizes that you can grab Bara Buggy's separated body parts, impeding his movement. He instructs the island's residents to do the same, and they quickly grab every part of Bara Buggy's body, trapping his head in place and allowing Chopperman to defeat him. As the residents begin celebrating, Dr. Usodabada runs away, but the residents try and chase him down. Suddenly, a new monster appears, protecting Dr. Usodabada.

Chapter 5[]

Terror! "Lightning Robot" Appears!!
Chopperman and Zorokiller prepare to the fight new monster, Gorogorobot "Enelgotton". However, Enelgotton attacks the island's residents with Uso Thor (ウン裁き, Uso Tōru?), destroying the festival grounds.

Enraged, Chopperman and Zorokiller rush Enelgotton, but are unable to harm him, and instead get shocked by Uso-Vari (ウソダ放電, Uso Vārī?), collapsing to the ground. This prompts Boodle to attack, and him and Chouchou are promptly defeated as well, enraging Chopperman and Zorokiller even more. Namifia realizes that Enelgotton is controlled remotely by Dr. Usodabada, and if they can damage the controller, then they will defeat Enelgotton. However, Dr. Usodabada states that it's not even a threat, since they'd need to move faster than lightning to get close to him.

As villagers throw rocks at Enelgotton, Chopperman and Zorokiller attempt another combo attack, but they can't harm Enelgotton. He hits them with another Uso-Vari, and they collapse once again, completely exhausted. Enelgotton starts preparing an attack to wipe out the entire island, but Zorokiller tries to distract Dr. Usodabada by insulting him. He tells Chopperman to attack on the opening that he creates, and prepares himself for Dr. Usodabada's attacl.

Enelgotton uses Mamaragan (万雷ママラガン, Mamaragan?), focused entirely on Zorokiller, who's raising his sword like a lightning rod. He attracts the full force of the attack, and is knocked unconscious, but the opening was enough for Chopperman to get close to Enelgotton and break off one of his arms. He's able to continually approach Enelgotton, ignoring his attacks, but is finally taken out by a 100 Million Volt Uso-Vari (1億Vウソダ放電, Ichioku Boruto Uso Vārī?), turning his hat white. However, everybody on the island begins cheering for him, successfully revitalizing him and allowing him to attack Enelgotton with a full Chopper Violence, finally defeating him.

Dr. Usodabada flees from the island, enraged that he's been defeated once again. As he leaves the island, he swears to return, promising to defeat Chopperman.

Takei-sensei's Note[]

Takei-sensei's Note
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 001 Takei-sensei's Note

I pray that you enjoyed reading this volume and that you'll continue to follow the series with as much pleasure that I have creating it!


  • In Chapter 3, Zorokiller defeated Death Hatch using the same attack that Zoro used to defeat Hatchan.


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