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"Perverted Monster" Attacks!!! is the second volume of Chopperman, including chapters 6 - 10 and one bonus story.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover depicts Chopperman in the center, with Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga)#Zorokiller and Sanjirops behind him. The background is orange with stars flying towards the camera.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 002 Intro Image

My cat (Noro) is not very cuddly, and doesn't appear to move for anything. The only thing that appears to interest them is the perpetual research into absolute comfort. I would even say it's the ultimate goal of their life. For me, who has a tendency to be a bit negligent, they're kind of a role model.


Chapter 6[]

"Forest of Strange Animals"
Chopperman and Zorokiller try to sneak out of Chopperman's Hideout to visit the Forest of Rare Animals, which annoys Namifia. She chases them to the forest, but when they arrive, they notice that all the animals are gone, and come to the conclusion that something bizarre has happened.

While looking, Zorokiller is suddenly shot at by arrows. He begins defending himself, but when Chopperman arrives, the attacker stops fighting, stating that anybody who's friends with Chopperman is friends with him. The attacker then reveals himself to be Gaimonkey, and he explains that he had just chased off a hunter and was paranoid. He then asks Chopperman for help, telling him that Lionbuta got attacked by the hunter and needs medical attention. When Chopperman offers to bring him to a hospital, Gaimonkey explains that they need an Otsutocomaetake, as it's the only way to cure the animals of the forest. He tells them that the mushroom only grows atop the mountain in the center of the forest, but the hunter has gone there to wait for them.

Chopperman and Zorokiller promise to retrieve the mushroom, and the group heads to the mountain. When they arrive, they discover that the hunter has destroyed the ladder up, so Chopperman and Zorokiller fly up to defeat him. At the top, they meet Warujabra, though he promises that he's not the hunter. He tells Chopperman that he's free to pick the mushroom, but when he does, Warujabra attempts to attack him from behind with Tekkai Kenpo "Okami Haijiki". However, Zorokiller is able to block the attack, falling off the mountain in the process. Warujabra then threatens to destroy the mushroom, but Chopperman jumps on top of it, getting stomped on instead.

Chopperman swears to protect the mushroom, stating that his injured friend needs it. However, Warujabra just laughs at him and continues to kick him. From the base of the mountain, the animals begin to cheer for Chopperman, annoying Warujabra. He approaches the ledge of the mountain, threatening to attack the animals, but in doing so allows himself to be attacked by Chopper Violence from behind. He falls off the mountain, and is quickly surrounded by the animals while apologizing profusely.

Now that he's been defeated, Gaimonkey asks if Warujabra wants to be their friend. He says that he knows no animal is truly evil, and Warujabra agrees, thanking them for the offers. However, he is visibly planning to betray them in the future, but as he begins planning, he's pulled aside by Zorokiller. Zorokiller threatens him not to harm the animals, and Warujabra agrees. Meanwhile, Chopperman gave the Otsutocomaetake to Lionbuta, and he's been healed. Now that the problem is solved, Namifia tells Chopperman and Zorokiller to return to the hideout, though they complain.

Chapter 7[]

"Perverted Monster" Attacks!!!
The residents of Tony-Tony Island are swimming at the beach, with Chopperman as the lifeguard. However, he wants to play, and quickly abandons his post to swim with the children. A robotic turtle watches on, sending the footage back to Dr. Usodabada.

In Dr. Usodabada's lair, he's trying to come up with a plan to defeat Chopperman, but is depressed at his string of recent defeats. With the robotic turtle's footage as inspiration, he tells Sanjirops that Chopperman is holding a bikini competition, and Sanjirops gets mad that Chopperman's is keeping all the women to himself. This prompts the monster to attack Tony-Tony Island, with Dr. Usodabada happy that he's managed to get Sanjirops to do his bidding.

Back on the beach, Sanjirops arrives. At the lack of bikini-clad women, he assumes that Chopperman must be hiding them, and attacks Pappag in rage, which in turn enrages Chopperman. Chopperman quickly launches Sanjirops into the ocean, and by the time he returns, Zorokiller and Namifia have arrived. Sanjirops instantly falls in love with Namifia, and declares her his princess.

At the same time, Zorokiller begins to remember some of his old memories, and remembers that Sanjirops is one of Dr. Usodabada's lieutenants. He begins attacking Sanjirops, and tells Chopperman to let him defeat the monster. Sanjirops, meanwhile, thinks that Zorokiller is jealous of his supposed relationship with Namifia, and prepares to fight back.

The two begin fighting, evenly matched. Dr. Usodabada, from his lair, remarks that in the presence of a beautiful woman, Sanjirops can use his ultimate attack, and prepares to see Sanjirops swiftly defeat Zorokiller.

Chapter 8[]

Climax Ero Shoot!!
As Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga)#Zorokiller and Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga)#Sanjirops fight, Zorokiller notices that they seem to be evenly matched. As Sanjirops continues to misunderstand Namifia's remarks, he assumes that she's cheering for him, and continues to pump himself up. Meanwhile, Zorokiller's strength is being whittled away, and he's beginning to tire. However, he refuses Chopperman's help, stating that he'll deal with Sanjirops alone.

Sanjirops continually kicks down Zorokiller, but he keeps getting back up, and Sanjirops begins to get annoyed. Suddenly, Dr. Usodabada arrives in his helicopter, encouraging Sanjirops to use his ultimate technique. Zorokiller agrees, telling Sanjirops to speed up the fight and exhaust himself. Sanjirops uses his ultimate attack, titled Climax Ero Shoot (絶頂エロシュ一ト, Zetchō Eroshiyu Ichi To?), launching a giant heart-shaped comet at Zorokiller. However, Zorokiller is able to slice it in half using Oni Giri, and he successfully knocks Sanjirops back, defeated. Namifia then hits Sanjirops, and he becomes convinced that he's finally felt love.

Enraged at Sanjirops' defeat, Dr. Usodabada uses a crane arm to grab Namifia from his helicopter. He instructs Sanjirops to delay Chopperman and Zorokiller while he brings her back to his lair, though he refuses, stating that he won't work for somebody who puts women in danger, and proudly announces that Dr. Usodabada is now his enemy. Dr. Usodabada doesn't respond, and simply leaves back to his lair.

On the ground, Zorokiller prepares to chase after Dr. Usodabada. Sanjirops asks if he can come with them, and despite Zorokiller's protests, Chopperman accepts. Zorokiller and Sanjirops then grab onto Chopperman, who flies after Dr. Usodabada's helicopter.

Chapter 9[]

Tabetsukusare Island
While flying after Dr. Usodabada's helicopter, Chopperman realizes that he's lost sight of it. In desperation, the trio lands at an island in the distance, shaped similarly to Dr. Usodabada's head. However, when they land, they see giant bite marks in the ground around them, and come to the conclusion that there was a recent fight in the area. Sanjirops decides to make them food, but is quickly caught in a pit trap, and is nearly crushed by rocks. Three people look down at them from a cliff, and two of them, children, begin trying to eat Zorokiller.

Later, the three people introduce themselves. The adult is named Shiromarimo, and he apologies for his children's behaviour. He explains that they've been on guard since Wapoln attacked recently, and will likely attack again. He then explains that Wapoln has the ability to eat anything, and can supposedly eat an entire island if left unchecked. The trio, along with their new friends, head back to Shiromarimo's house. The entire area is destroyed, and the trio promise to defeat Wapoln and protect the island.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Usodabada's lair, the mad genius waits for Chopperman to arrive. He explains his plan of having Robinflowan defeat the heroes to his goons, but they inform him that she just left for vacation. Across the room, Namifia is being served food by one of the goons, and at Dr. Usodabada's confusion, explains that a hostage has to be treated well, before asking for tea.

Back on the island, Zorokiller is asking Shiromarimo if he has any information about Namifia, but he doesn't recognize the name Usodabada. Sanjirops asks if anybody saw a helicopter pass by, and Cheko, Shiromarimo's wife, says she has. However, as she tries to remember the direction it was flying in, Wapoln attacks the island again, and the heroes rush out to fight him.

Seeing there's no food prepared for him, he begins eating Shiromarimo's house, and soon begins attempting to eat Zorokiller as well. However, Zorokiller's body is too hard, and it shatters all of Wapoln's teeth, enraging him. As he tries to eat the children whole, Chopperman and Sanjirops use a combo attack, First Love Shoot (初恋シュ一ト, Hatsukoi Shu Ichi To?), followed by Chopper Violence. The attack defeats Wapoln, sending him flying off the island. At the same time, Cheko remembers the direction that Dr. Usodabada's helicopter flew, and points it out to Chopperman. After a quick goodbye, the trio of heroes fly after the helicopter, dedicated to saving Namifia.

Chapter 10[]

Breaking In! Usodaba Gang Evil Base
The trio of heroes have arrived at Dr. Usodabada's lair. As they approach from the sky, however, Dr. Usodabada begins bombarding them with cannons, forcing them to land at the base. Dr. Usodabada informs them that Namifia is being held at the top of his tower, and challenges them to climb it.

After rushing through groups of goons, the heroes arrive at the entrance to the tower. They enter, and quickly arrive at the kitchen. Sanjirops offers to cook them something to eat, since they didn't get a chance back on the previous island, and Chopperman accepts despite Zorokiller's protests. However, as they enter the kitchen, the door shuts behind them, and gas begins flooding in.

Chopperman quickly passes out from the smell, and the two monsters worry that it may be poisonous. However, Dr. Usodabada begins speaking over the broadcasting system, informing them that it simply smells bad to somebody with Chopperman's sense of smell. He tells them that poison would be boring, and he instead wants to see them lose against Mokmoker Z, his newest creation. However, as he gives Mokmoker Z the order to defeat them, he gets annoyed at receiving new orders, and destroy Dr. Usodabada's camera.

As the room continues to fill with gas, Zorokiller and Sanjirops try to fight Mokmoker Z. However, they're unable to see him through all the smoke, and keep missing their attacks. At the same time, he hits them every time, and seems to be able to track them. As they try to figure out his abilities, Zorokiller tells Sanjirops that he can clear away the smoke, but only for a second. During that opening, Sanjirops would need to defeat Mokmoker Z in one hit, or the smoke would come back.

However, Mokmoker Z tells them not to waste their energy. He informs them that he has built-in infrared cameras and can see their heat signatures, always knowing where they are. This information, however, cheers up Sanjirops, who tells him that he's just given away his weakness, though Mokmoker Z doesn't believe him. Sanjirops then begins walking through the kitchen, and reveals that he's worked there for so long that he can navigate it blindfolded. He turns on every oven and heating device throughout the room, which completely blocks up Mokmoker Z's vision.

While walking through the kitchen, Sanjirops was also able to approximate Mokmoker Z's position. He informs Zorokiller, and they launch a joint Tatsu Maki and Drill Shoot (ドリルシュート, Dorirushūto?), defeating and blowing up Mokmoker Z. The tornado from Zorokiller's Tatsu Maki blew away all the smoke, which woke up Chopperman who promptly flew through the locked door, freeing them from the kitchen.

Back in Dr. Usodabada's room, he complains to his goons about being unable to watch the fight because of Mokmoker Z destroying the camera. However, as he complains, he notices the heroes leaving the kitchen, and realizes that Mokmoker Z lost. Despite his annoyance, he promises that they won't be able to defeat the guardian of the second floor, and sits back to watch.

Chapter 10 Bonus Story[]

Air Force-C in Action! (This story is not part of the main continuity)
At an unknown point in the past, the Usodabird arrived at Tony-Tony Island, and begin infesting the island with giant poop. Namifia informed Chopperman of the situation, and he got into the Air Force C to combat it. He was able to quickly defeat the giant bird, and was recognized as world hero for the first time.

Takei-sensei's Note[]

Takei-sensei's Note
Chopperman (Spin-Off Manga) 002 Takei-sensei's Note

Thank you for the warm encouragement boosting me up. Rest assured that I do my best to make the series as fun as possible!


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