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Chun Colle One Piece (ちゅんコレ ONE PIECE Chiyun Kore Wanpisu?) is a plush line produced by Broccoli. It depicts One Piece characters as chubby birds.[1] Normal-sized bird plushies could be used as keychains. They cost 1,200 yen while big bird plushies cost 2,900 yen.


Volume 1

The first set of Chun Colle plushies was announced May 29, opened for preorders June 1, and released August 26, 2017.[1] It featured six plushies:

Chun Colle Luffy.png
Chun Colle Zoro.png
Chun Colle Sanji.png
Chun Colle Ace.png
Chun Colle Sabo.png
Chun Colle Law.png

Volume 2

The second set of Chun Colle plushies was announced with the beginning of preorders on December 18, 2017 and released February 3, 2018.[2] It featured six plushies:

Chun Colle Shanks.png
Chun Colle Marco.png
Chun Colle Crocodile.png
Chun Colle Corazon.png
Chun Colle Cavendish.png
Chun Colle Doflamingo.png

Volume 3

The third set of Chun Colle plushies was announced August 1, 2019 and released October 26, 2019. It featured four plushies:

Luffy and Katakuri were sold exclusively at One Piece Mugiwara Stores, while Mihawk and Smoker were generally available online.[3]

Chun Colle Luffy Whole Cake Island.png
Luffy Whole Cake Island Ver.
Chun Colle Katakuri.png
Chun Colle Mihawk.png
Chun Colle Smoker.png

Big Plushies

A set of Chun Colle Big (ちゅんコレ 大 Chiyun Kore Dai?) was announced November 11, 2017 and released December 12, 2017. Customers could register for preorders at Jump Festa 2018. The set included the same six characters from Volume 1.[4]

Chun Colle Big Size Difference.png
Normal and Big plush size difference.
Chun Colle Big Luffy.png
Big Luffy.
Chun Colle Big Zoro.png
Big Zoro.
Chun Colle Big Sanji.png
Big Sanji.
Chun Colle Big Ace.png
Big Ace.
Chun Colle Big Sabo.png
Big Sabo.
Chun Colle Big Law.png
Big Law.

Thousand Sunny Ver.

A plushie version of the Thousand Sunny designed to look like a nest. It is large enough to hold three normal-sized Chun Colle plushies. It was announced January 29, 2018 and released February 16, 2018. It costs 1,900 yen.[5]

Chun Colle Thousand Sunny.png
Thousand Sunny.
Chun Colle Sunny with Birds.png
Thousand Sunny with plushies in it.

Trading Acrylic Badges

Twelve acrylic badges based on the plushies from the first two keychain sets were announced April 26, 2018. They were sold at the AnimeJapan 2018 convention on March 24 and 25, 2018 for 463 yen each.[6]

A transparent cover could be applied over the badges. It is designed to look like a Wanted Poster and costs 770 yen.[7]

Chun Colle Badge Luffy.png
Badge Luffy.
Chun Colle Badge Zoro.png
Badge Zoro.
Chun Colle Badge Sanji.png
Badge Sanji.
Chun Colle Badge Ace.png
Badge Ace.
Chun Colle Badge Sabo.png
Badge Sabo.
Chun Colle Badge Law.png
Badge Law.
Chun Colle Badge Shanks.png
Badge Shanks.
Chun Colle Badge Marco.png
Badge Marco.
Chun Colle Badge Crocodile.png
Badge Crocodile.
Chun Colle Badge Corazon.png
Badge Corazon.
Chun Colle Badge Cavendish.png
Badge Cavendish.
Chun Colle Badge Doflamingo.png
Badge Doflamingo.
Chun Colle Badge Cover.png
Badge Cover.


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