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Cidre is a bounty hunter who appears in the filler Carbonic Acid King Arc. He is the leader of the Cidre Guild and the Commander of the Carbonate Assault Army (炭酸攻撃軍団長 Tansan kōgeki gundan-chō).[1][2]


Cidre Anime Concept Art

Cidre's concept art from the anime.

Cidre is a tall man with broad shoulders. He has messy purple hair and very long bangs, which he slicks up to the back of his head, as well as a beard. He has a large scar across his forehead. He appears to have a cybernetic hand or gauntlet on his left arm which is much larger than his right hand. He has two large metal hoops on both of his wrists which are connected by large pipes to two barrels carried on his back. He wears a black and gray zippered jacket, gray pants, and black boots.



Douglas Bullet

Cidre hates Douglas Bullet, seeing him as an enemy.[1]

Abilities and Powers



  • Cidre is the French term for "cider". This matches the drink-based names of the Cidre Guild.


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