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The Cidre Guild is a gang of bounty hunters led by Cidre.


The Cidre Guild's main members consists of its leader and his officers. The lowering ranking members are actually citizens who were forced to work for the organization and create weapons for them. Their main objective is to eliminate any and all pirates they would encounter, regardless if they are affiliated with the World Government or not.

The Cidre Guild uses equipment and weaponry powered by carbonated water and their base is at the island where large amounts of cola and carbonated water are made. The Cidre Guild also have different units at their disposal for hunting down pirates for their bounties and serve as scouts around the island until Luffy and Hancock defeated the leaders.


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Cidre Guild
Cidre Ginger Guarana

Carbonate Assault Army

The Carbonate Assault Army are subordinates with special carbonated hand cannons and run the factories. They are lead by the leader of the guild, Cidre.

Carbonic Acid Fire Unit

The Carbonic Acid Fire Unit are subordinates with carbonated hand cannons and serve as scouts on the island while riding on hippo-camels. They are lead by Ginger.

Carbonated Sword Unit

Carbonated Sword Unit are the units of subordinates with carbonated hoses with guards on them and also serve as scouts on the island. They are lead by Guarana.



Further information: Carbonation Equipment

The Cidre Guild uses machinery and weaponry that is powered by carbonated water and produced in a factory on an island where carbonated water is abundant.



Many years ago, Cidre's hometown was attacked and destroyed by the ruthless Douglas Bullet. In response, Cidre swore vengeance on all pirates and began building the Cidre Guild alongside his like-minded allies, Ginger and Guarana on an unknown island in the New World. During which, they developed technology that weaponized the island's naturally fizzing water and enslaved the inhabitants into becoming their workers and soldiers by threatening their families.

Cidre Guild Arc

The Cidre Guild ambushed the Thousand Sunny out at sea and dealt significant damage to the ship, forcing the Straw Hats to escape with Coup de Burst. After the Straw Hats arrived at the Cidre Guild's island, Ginger and his group ambushed Luffy while he was exploring the island, causing Luffy to fall into a stream. Ginger's squad later fought Luffy and Boa Hancock at a bathhouse. When Ginger's men were defeated, Ginger forced Luffy and Hancock to retreat by releasing some dangerous gas. After Luffy and Hancock arrived at the cola factory, Cidre confronted the two. Meanwhile, some soldiers of the Cidre Guild attacked the Sunny again, but were easily bested by Zoro and Sanji, so they surrendered and confessed to have been forced by the guild's leaders to fight for them.

Luffy and Hancock fought off Cidre and Guarana respectively until Ginger and the other Gorgon Sisters appeared. Cidre retreats into the factory for his special rig and his officers provide cover for him. Luffy chases Cidre into the building and finds several members of the guild who were also enslaved by Cidre by taking their families hostage. Cidre then appears and fights Luffy in the special rig he developed to fight Bullet, but the rubberman defeats him nonetheless while Hancock easily dispatches Ginger and Guarana by turning them into stone.

After the fight, the soldiers and their families were freed from their captors, and repaid the Straw Hats by giving them large amounts of cola for free.


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