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The Cidre Guild is a gang of bounty hunters.


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Cidre Guild
Cidre Ginger Guarana


The Cidre Guild uses equipment and weaponry powered by carbonated water.


Carbonic Acid King Arc

The Cidre Guild ambushed the Thousand Sunny out at sea and dealt damage to the ship, forcing the Straw Hats to escape with Coup de Burst. After the Straw Hats arrived at the Cidre Guild's island, Ginger and his group ambushed Luffy while he was exploring the island, causing Luffy to fall into a stream. Ginger's squad later fought Luffy and Boa Hancock at a bathhouse. When Ginger's men were defeated, Ginger forced Luffy and Hancock to retreat by releasing some dangerous gas. After Luffy and Hancock arrived at the cola factory, Cidre confronted the two.



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