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Cipher Pol is a series of secret agencies who do investigations, espionage, and assassinations for the World Government.


The various Cipher Pol cells are stationed throughout the world and investigate for the World Government. They supplement the Intelligence Branch of the World Government's Marine forces, but seem to operate more as a counter-insurgency agency that also has more general law enforcement duties. They have some authority regarding recruitment for the Marines, even dealing with the Underworld for unique individuals. If they encounter pirates, they will apprehend them, but, as an agency, Cipher Pol seems to focus more on political threats to the World Government than more generic criminals.

There are eight official Cipher Pols that are numbered from CP1 to CP8, with two unofficial units named CP9 and CP0. In general (save the "zeroth" agency), the higher the Cipher Pol agency's number, the more important the tasks assigned to them.[2] Cipher Pol No. 9 has the license to kill any citizen that does not cooperate with the World Government or acts contrary to its interests. Because such a radical method of applying justice by the World Government should not be common knowledge, this group is a top secret organization.[3] CP0 is known to the public but is different from the other units in that its members work directly as enforcers for the World Nobles, and thus are the strongest agency.

According to the Enies Lobby Arc, the official uniform for Cipher Pol agents is a black suit and fedora.

In order to exceed the limits of the human body, CP9 agents receive special training since their childhood. In order to become a full-fledged agent of CP9, the agents must master a martial arts style that is called Rokushiki. The training also has somewhat of a mind-molding process so that Cipher Pol agents only learn how to be assassins and that this is their only profession. Rob Lucci, for example, was not capable of feeling gratitude or mercy.[4] Kaku, on the other hand, loved being a shipwright but was forced to leave it behind; he seemed to have shown regret at this decision,[5][6] but ultimately did not hold back when he was fulfilling his duties. The agents received individual training, but they also trained together a lot. However, Rokushiki is not exclusive to CP9, as other Cipher Pol divisions also practice them, such as CP8 Alpha and CP0 Stussy.

The Five Elders have stated the Marines have no jurisdiction to interfere in operations that are conducted by the Cipher Pol.[7] They also seem to have the sanction to eliminate Marine soldiers who become liabilities to their covert missions.[8]

Despite this alleged unrestricted authority, the Cipher Pol's independence has limits as they are strictly prohibited from attacking the Emperors of the Sea without permission from the upper echelons of the World Government and the Marines. This prohibition was enacted to prevent wars as Emperors have massive operations under their authority.[9]

According to Monkey D. Dragon, their power has been growing in recent years.[10]


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Known Cipher Pol Groups[]




CP5 (サイファーポールナンバーファイブ, Saifā Pōru Nanbā Faibu?) were a faction led by Spandam when he was tasked with retrieving the blueprint of Pluton eight years before the beginning of the series.[11] While their specialty is unconfirmed, they were seen capable of stealth, thievery, sailing, and operating unique weaponry.[12] They seemed to be recognizable enough to have a say in matters of delivering justice.[13]

Ten years later, CP5 went to Egghead Island to investigate a report of Doctor Vegapunk researching the forbidden Void Century. They were captured and imprisoned for three months.[14][15]


Jerry Yoga


CP6 (サイファーポールナンバーシックス, Saifā Pōru Nanbā Shikkusu?) are a faction with an unknown specialty that was assigned to assist CP9 while they delivered Nico Robin and Franky to Enies Lobby aboard the Puffing Tom. Its only known named agent is Jerry.[16] The group was defeated by Sanji as he invaded the Sea Train to rescue Robin.[17] The cart they were on was detached by Sanji,[18] and were then stranded at sea after encountering Roronoa Zoro on the Rocketman.[19] The faction current status is unknown.


CP7 (サイファーポールナンバーセブン, Saifā Pōru Nanbā Sebun?) are a faction with an unknown specialty that was assigned to assist CP9 while they delivered Nico Robin and Franky to Enies Lobby aboard the Puffing Tom. Its only known named agent is Wanze, who is said to be their "ace".[20] Wanze stood in the way of Sanji's group but was defeated by Sanji.[21]

Two years later, CP7 went to Egghead Island to investigate the mysterious disappearing of agents from CP5, who went to investigate a report of Doctor Vegapunk researching the forbidden Void Century. They were captured and imprisoned for under three months.[14][15]


CP8 (サイファーポールナンバーエイト, Saifā Pōru Nanbā Eito?) are a faction with an unknown specialty. They were first mentioned during the Egghead Arc.[22] Around 4 to 5 years prior to the present day, Cipher Pol agents led by CP8 agent, "Nurse" Alpha, held an unknowing Jewelry Bonney hostage against Bartholomew Kuma, to ensure his continued compliance as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and as a test subject for the duration of the Pacifista project.[23] They were also responsible for cutting contact between the two by intercepting mail they sent to each other. In the end, they failed, as Bonney found out about her imprisonment and managed to escape their custody.[24] In the present day, CP8 went to Egghead Island to investigate the mysterious disappearing of agents from CP7 and CP5, after CP5 went to investigate a report of Doctor Vegapunk researching the forbidden Void Century. They were captured and imprisoned for under three months.[14][15]


CP9 Stands on the Tower of Justice


Main article: CP9

CP9 were a faction specialized in assassinations.[3] Officially, CP9 does not exist. After the group was defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates in Enies Lobby, its status became unknown.[25] Every former CP9 agent was later reassigned to CP0.


CP0 Infobox


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CP0 is the strongest faction of Cipher Pol.[26] While the rest of the Cipher Pol operates under the World Government, CP0 operates directly under the World Nobles.[27] It is said that when CP0 is active, world-shaking events are about to occur.[28]



The various branches of Cipher Pol have been around long before the present day. 63 years ago, three Cipher Pol agents went to negotiate with "Mountain Witch" Carmel, where she wanted to offer them a 5-year-old Charlotte Linlin, whom she considered her best "merchandise." She argued to them that in the Marines, Linlin could become an Admiral or Fleet Admiral, or even the greatest shield for the World Noble's, and demanded a huge payment, to which after some back and fourth agreed.[29]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Around 30 years ago, Cipher Pol agents infiltrated the World Pirates and turned the crew against their captain. They successfully convinced the crew to mutiny, ultimately leading to Byrnndi World's capture and the crew's temporary disbandment.

Concludes non-canon section.

22 years ago, CP9 investigated Ohara, and when it was revealed the archaeologists were studying the Poneglyphs, initiated the Buster Call to destroy the island. They were also responsible for putting the bounty on Nico Robin.

13 years ago, the World Government managed to get their hands on the Gomu Gomu no Mi and had CP9 agent Who's-Who escort it. However, the Devil Fruit was stolen by the Red Hair Pirates, resulting in Who's-Who being imprisoned for his failure.

8 years ago, CP5 agents landed on Water 7 and attempted to blackmail Tom for Pluton's blueprints. When that failed and they learned that Tom was to be acquitted for building Gol D. Roger's ship, the Oro Jackson, they sabotaged the trial by using Franky's battleships to attack the Judicial Ship and framing Tom's Workers. After Tom was sentenced to death by Jorge, they took him in, and when Franky attempted to stop them, they ran him over with the Puffing Tom.

5 years ago, CP9 agents Rob Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa and Blueno were sent to infiltrate Galley-La Company and find Pluton's blueprints.

Between 4 to 5 years ago, Cipher Pol agents led by CP8 agent Alpha held an unknowing Jewelry Bonney hostage against Bartholomew Kuma, to ensure his continued compliance as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and as a test subject of the Pacifista project.[23] They also intercepted all letters exchanged between the two. However, 3 years ago, the agents unintentionally leaked their identities and purpose at a bar, which reached queen dowager Conney's ears. An ally of Bonney's, Conney assisted in the girl's getaway on Gyogyo's ship, and though Alpha caught on and attempted to stop this, and they made their escape and began their career as the Bonney Pirates.[24]

Water 7 Saga[]

Water 7 Arc[]

After the Straw Hat Pirates landed on Water 7, they used the threat of a Buster Call to blackmail Robin into assisting them in a plot to kill Iceburg and kidnap Franky for the Pluton blueprints, while pinning the crime on the Straw Hats. They ended up exposing themselves, and though they managed to capture Franky, and convince Robin to come with them quietly, they failed to assassinate Iceburg. On the Sea Train to Enies Lobby, they found out that Sanji infiltrated the ship, and had joined forces with Franky and Usopp (who had also been captured by CP9 and took on the persona Sogeking). The three managed to take out the majority of the World Government agents and Marine Soldiers posted on the train, including Jerry from CP6 and Wanze from CP7, though, in the end, Franky was recaptured, and they failed to reclaim Robin.

Enies Lobby Arc[]

The Straw Hats, in alliance with the Galley-La top foremen and the Franky Family ended up invading Enies Lobby, forcing CP9 to personally take them on. Franky joined the Straw Hats side after burning the blueprints, and together they took out the CP9. During the battle, Spandam accidentally activated the Buster Call to target Enies Lobby. In the end, the Straw Hats managed to escape the island and the fleet with Robin, though the island's destruction was blamed on them.

CP9's Independent Report[]

After their failure, the CP9 assassin's managed to escape the island thanks to Blueno's ability and healed and recuperated on St. Poplar. They then returned to their home island where they fought Marine's sent by Spandam to capture them, having attempted to shove all the blame on his subordinate's, though in the end the assassin's gained the advantage.


During the timeskip, Spandam and the other CP9 agents ended up in CP0, though their positions are now reversed.

Return to Sabaody Arc[]

Agents of an unidentified branch are seen tailing Robin, though she loses them by using her fake as a decoy.

Dressrosa Saga[]

Dressrosa Arc[]

When the Straw Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance attempted to force Donquixote Doflamingo from his position as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea using Caesar Clown as a hostage, Doflamingo used his influence to create a lie that influenced the whole world, by acting as if he actually abdicated. However, CP0 agents appeared on Dressrosa and assured the citizens that it was a "mistake" and ask they keep it quiet until after the news was publicly released.

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Whole Cake Island Arc[]

During Big Mom's Tea Party, CP0 agent Stussy attended in her Underworld persona. She ended up revealing herself to Morgans when she killed Du Feld, who had attempted to steal the Tamatebako during the Big Mom's assassination attempt, orchestrated by the Sanji Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Alliance. Though she attempted to also take the box for the World Government, it ended up falling off Whole Cake Chateau and exploded which allowed the alliance, who had once been cornered by the Big Mom Pirates, to escape. While the Big Mom Pirates pursued them, Stussy casually revealed what had caused the explosion that had destroyed the Chateau, redoubling the Big Mom Pirates efforts to kill the Straw Hats.

Heart of Gold[]

A CP0 agent was sent to guard and interrogate Myskina Olga for the location of the Pure Gold, though when the ship she was held on was raided by the Treasure Pirates, the agent was defeated by Mad Treasure, and Olga escaped on Elizabeth.

One Piece Film: Gold[]

Agents were sent to attack Gran Tesoro after Saint Camael was endangered, though they ended up being stalled by Sabo who was there to support Luffy, until after Gild Tesoro was defeated.

One Piece: Stampede[]

Lucci was sent to the Pirates Festival to retrieve the Pirate King's treasure, an Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale. During the final battle against Douglas Bullet, Lucci stealthily assisted the attacking forces once. After Luffy got his hands on it, Lucci attempted to take it though the young pirate broke it before he could.

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

After Doflamingo's fall, the CP0 agents had no choice but to attempt to negotiate directly with Kurozumi Orochi for Seastone items, though he proved to be especially unhelpful, demanding Dr. Vegapunk as compensation. Their negotiations broke down, though they were invited to the Beasts Pirates Fire Festival. During the Raid on Onigashima, they acted as passive observers, until they received orders to capture Robin, and later to interfere in Monkey D. Luffy and Kaidou's duel to allow the Emperor to win. The result of their actions seemingly lost them two agents, with one other managing to escape. After the Raid, they were again going to attempt to kidnap Robin, until someone ordered them to stand down. The last report of the CP0 agent indicated they had encountered the Big Mom Pirates.

Meanwhile, at the Levely, CP0 made an appearance protecting St. Charlos from Leo and Sai, who attempted to attack him after the World Noble tried to enslave Princess Shirahoshi. In the end they left after St. Mjosgard told them to stand down. A few days later, they kidnapped Nefertari Vivi at the behest of their masters. She later managed to escape them with Wapol, who was causing a commotion as he fled the scene of a crime.

Sometime after the Levely, a Cipher Pol agent infiltrated WE News headquarters as Attach and delivered a bribe to Morgans, requesting that he hushed up one of the incidents that occurred. When Morgans refused, the agent revealed himself and threatened Morgans at gunpoint, though the journalist managed to defeat him, before throwing him out and fleeing with his headquarters.

One Piece Film: Red[]

Blueno and Kalifa were sent to investigate Uta's concert to investigate her and Tot Musica, while Lucci stayed with the Five Elders and gave them updates. While Kalifa kept tabs in the real world, Blueno entered the Uta World and helped the Straw Hats investigation. Later, during the final battle against Uta and Tot Musica, Blueno fought alongside them.

Egghead Disappearances[]

Cipher Pol Agents Imprisoned

CP5, CP7, and CP8 agents imprisoned in the Labophase by York.

Starting two months before the Egghead Arc, the rogue satellite York informed the Five Elders of Vegapunk's illegal studies of the Void Century, prompting an investigation. A CP5 ship which was sent to Egghead suddenly disappeared without a trace. A month later, the same thing happened to a CP7 ship, and again to a CP8 ship two weeks prior to the Egghead Arc.[15] According to Pythagoras, all the ships safely landed and left Egghead intact.[22] However, York had been using the Sea Beast Weapons to drive the agents back to Egghead to be captured. She imprisoned the agents in an old Devil Fruit research laboratory, with nearly no food and without the original Vegapunk's knowledge.[14][15] The agents were later released and given food by the Straw Hats and CP0, though they were still confined in the lab.[30]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

CP0 agents Lucci, Kaku and Stussy were sent to Egghead on the premise that they were delivering the Seraphim, S-Bear, and investigate the disappearances, though in reality they were there to assassinate Vegapunk and his satellites. They forced their way onto the island when they were denied entry and soon defeated Atlas before encountering Luffy. In the end, thanks to York's machinations, they made it to the Labophase where the Straw Hats and Vegapunk were holed up, only for Lucci and Kaku to be betrayed by Stussy, who was working for Vegapunk. When York took over the Seraphim, the two agents were released in order to suppress them, on the condition they did not target the Vegapunk's before defeating Luffy. However, even the combined forces of both Luffy and Zoro, as well as Lucci and Kaku, was not enough to defeat the Seraphim. Despite this, the Seraphim were later trapped and Lucci and Kaku recovering from the fights. In secret though, Rob Lucci was feeding information about what was happening inside the Laboratory to the Marine Fleet outside and later took an opening to attack Vegapunk, but his attempt was stopped by Stussy, who shielded Vegapunk. Lucci was then sent out of the Laboratory by Zoro, engaging in a fierce duel, while Kaku was trapped inside a bubble like the ones the Seraphim were trapped inside. On the lower level of the Laboratory, the captured Cipher Pol Agents were freed by the Straw Hats and given food to reenergize, thanking them for freeing them, but being hesitant as they still viewed them as their enemies.[30]

During the chaos caused by the Elders trying to stop Vegapunk's broadcast, the Labophase was bisected by Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, resulting in the formerly trapped agents and Seraphim falling down to the Fabiriophase.[31] They were then sucked up by Shepherd Ju Peter,[32] and ultimately ejected at the island's coast.[33]


  • Cipher Pol's name might be a reference to Interpol. The "Cipher" part of this organization's name is in relation to their covert work, and "Pol" for "Police" like the real world organization.
  • The various faction's abbreviations might be a reference to the United Kingdom's Directorate of Military Intelligence.


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