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Circus Time is the 12th story in the Straw Hat Theater series. It was originally published in The 19th Log: Marineford on November 9, 2012.


The story begins with Lugao and Zobear attempting to escape the Usoglia Circus (ウソグリアサーカス Usoguria Saakasu?) because they don't want to be caged, wanting to be free. Namo requests that they return to the circus because of the children's smiling faces and her paycheck (mostly the latter). She also reminds Lugao that she believed he wanted to jump through the fire loop "One Loop" (ワンループ Wan Ruupu?) and become Circus King. Zousan then alerts Namo that the circus tent caught on fire while Choerot announces it as if it was another act. It turns out Usoglia, the circus master, is stuck at the top of the tent surrounded by flames. Tsubin states she attempted to save him on the tight rope, yet the rope broke under her and she claims it was ominous. Franko and Brooco also state they tried to save Usoglia on the trapeze, but their rope broke off and they both claim it to be ominous as well. As the fire is spreading throughout the tent, the fire loop "One Loop" had been coincidentially set up. Spectators are questioning whether the fire loop could actually be done, yet Lugao returns so he can complete the loop and become Circus King. Lugao manages to leap through the fire loop using "Gao Gao no Gao" (ガオガオのガオ Gao Gao no Gao?, literally meaning "Roar Roar Roar") and become Circus King, yet failed to rescue Usoglia.



  • Usoglia Circus Lion Lugao (ルガオ Rugao?). The lion of the circus. Played by Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Usoglia Circus Bear Zobear (ゾベア Zobea?). The bear of the circus. Played by Roronoa Zoro.
  • Usoglia Circus Beast-tamer Namo (ナモ Namo?). The beast-tamer of the circus. Played by Nami.
  • Usoglia Circus Elephant Zousan (ゾウサン Zousan?). The elephant of the circus. Played by Sanji.
  • Usoglia Circus Clown Choerot (チョエロ Choero?). The clown of the circus. Played by Tony Tony Chopper.
  • Usoglia Circus Master Usoglia (ウソグリア Usoguria?). The master of the circus. Played by Usopp.
  • Usoglia Circus Rope-walker Tsubin (ツビン Tsubin?). The rope-walker of the circus. Played by Nico Robin.
  • Usoglia Circus Trapeze artists Franko and Brooco (フランコ&ブルッコ Furanko ando Burukko?). The trapeze artists of the circus. Played by Franky and Brook.

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