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Clapper is a character who appears in Act 2 of One Piece Oto Utage.[1]


Clapper's face close up.

Clapper is a slim, tan-skinned man with long, brown dreadlocks. He has long thin eyebrows, a goatee, and dark circles under his eyes. He also has a dark mark on his cheek below his right eye. He wears a blue-and-black striped, short-sleeved shirt with a brown vest, baggy grey pants, and black sneakers. He also wears a frilly yellow sash around his hip, brown-and-grey leather wraps around his wrists, and an orange bandana on his head.[1]


Clapper is an energetic person who tried to rally the audience into clapping. He has a sense of humor, joking that while Luffy could stretch his arms, Usopp could stretch his nose. He is impatient sometimes, yelling at Zoro for being lost and falling asleep. He is also persuasive.[1][2]


One Piece Oto Utage

In Act 2 of the show, Clapper came out on stage and tried to get the audience to clap to the beat. Luffy and Usopp goofed off behind a thin curtain behind him, prompting Clapper to turn around. The two pirates hid, and he faced the audience again. Luffy and Usopp came out from behind the curtain and talked to Clapper before joining him in rhythm. Zoro ran around stage behind the audience, and Clapper yelled at him for getting lost. The swordsman fell asleep, to Clapper's chagrin, but after waking up, Zoro began to clap, too. Clapper convinced Sanji and Nami to participate by luring them with promises of women and money.[1][2]


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