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The Clockwork Island is the main setting and non-canon location of Clockwork Island Adventure, the second One Piece movie. Though the island itself is small, there is a tall tower at the center that supports a large city. The most important part of the island is the "key" that supports the city's weight. When it was destroyed, the city collapsed and fell into the ocean. Thankfully, all of the citizens escaped with parachutes and declared that they would build a new city closer to the ground. The city was built so high in the sky in order to protect them from enemy attacks.[1]

Notable Areas

  • Clockwork Town (ねじまきタウン Nejimaki Taun?): A town located on Clockwork Island. This is the place where all of the island's inhabitants live. The city is technologically advanced, and specializes in making small gadgets like music boxes.[1]
  • Tower: The tower holds up Clockwork Town. Normally, there is an elevator in the central shaft that can bring people up, but during times of invasion, it can be deactivated, forcing one to use the stairs circling around it. The staircase, however, also has several traps are installed in it, with the stairs flattening into a slide that water is poured down to wash away victims, sending them plummeting towards spiked walls at the bottom, and boulders to ensure any people clings on are crushed.[1]

Notable Characters

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Clockwork Island 
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