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Cocoa Weed is a village located on Drum Island. It neighbors the village of Bighorn and is south of Gyasta.[1]

The only known named resident of Cocoa Weed is Tamachibi.


Cocoa Weed resembles a standard snow town with condensed wooden buildings. It appears to be quite active since the streets are always filled with people.


Stool is a restaurant where Kureha was able to treat Tamachibi from his infectious disease. It is the only known location in Cocoa Weed. Although the outside of the restaurant only says "Stool," the owner's apron states "Fire Stool."[1][2]


Cocoa Weed was first mentioned by Negikuma Maria, who told Dalton about Kureha's presence there after Luffy and Sanji left Bighorn with Nami towards Drum Castle (where they thought Kureha was), leading Usopp and Nefertari Vivi to accompany Dalton to Cocoa Weed.

Kureha and Tony Tony Chopper stopped there in order to look for patients. She heard the cries of a sick kid from a nearby restaurant and forced her way in into the establishment. Despite being accused of con artistry by some customers, she successfully treated the sick boy, to the gratefulness of his father.

By the time Dalton arrived at Stool with Usopp and Vivi, Kureha had already left to Gyasta. It was then that one of the villagers guarding the coast of Drum Island came into the restaurant and warned Dalton of Wapol's attack on Bighorn. Dalton then hurried back to Bighorn while Usopp and Vivi proceeded to Gyasta.


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