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Cocoyasi Village[1] is the village on Conomi Islands where Nami, as well as her sister, Nojiko, grew up with Bell-mère. The village is also the closest place to Arlong Park, and this is where the majority of important characters from the arc lives, including Nami. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, it was dangerously close to being destroyed like Gosa Village. When Arlong was defeated, this village was the location of the following celebration. They are later seen looking at Nami's new bounty.

Geography and Culture

Cocoyasi Village is a fairly tropical place, with palm trees and tangerine groves. The island also has rice fields. The village also has a lot of fish since Johnny and Yosaku are fisherman there.

Notable Places

Mikan Grove

The Mikan Grove is located in Bell-mère's yard. It was owned by Bell-mère who always worked there and would sometimes cook using mikans as ingredients (e.g. Mikan Sauce). Since she and her daughters were poor, they earned their living by selling them. After Bell-mère died, the garden was taken care by Nami and Nojiko. Nami also hid the Beli.png93,000,000 destined to buy Cocoyashi Village back from Arlong in the grove. Later Captain Nezumi, under Arlong's order, ransacked the grove to search for Nami's stolen money. When Nami departed, she took three trees with her as a memento of her mother. The grove is currently under Nojiko's care.


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Translation and Dub Issues

Source for romanization of Cocoyasi (Color Walk 1)



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