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Comb is a Marine and subordinate of Vice Admiral Balzac. He is a secondary antagonist of One Piece Premier Show 2019.[1]


Comb is a slim man with medium length hair that is parted on the top and curls to the sides. He wears a white top with blue and gold edging, flowy white pants, and a marine coat with a large blue collar. He wears white boots that have black soles and blue collars with gold edging and buttons.[1]


Comb is an allegiant subordinate, following his superior's orders and brushing his hair when asked.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Comb wields a pair of claws in combat, and he is skilled enough to clash with Roronoa Zoro while using it.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2019

Comb assisted Balzac and the Prisoner Unit in setting a trap for the Straw Hat Pirates on Maze Island as they were traveling to the Pirates Festival. The three called Admiral Kizaru with their plans before fighting the pirate crew. During the battle, Comb fought Zoro. They withdrew after Luffy defeated Balzac.[1]

Major Battles


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