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A combatant, sometimes referred to as a fighter, is a member of a group, typically a pirate crew, whose main purpose is to fight against the group's opponents and enforce their objectives.

Role and Abilities

Although any member of a crew, provided they are capable, can take part in a fight regardless of their occupation, a combatant's specific purpose is to fight for the benefit of their crew. A combatant can be anywhere on a crew's strength hierarchy: some are officers of a crew and are considered to be their top fighters,[1][2] while others are relatively average fighters who serve as foot soldiers or guards.[3] The Big Mom Pirates, as a Four Emperors crew, have combatants who are nowhere near as strong as the top members but are still fearsome pirates in their own right and can easily deal with most fighters they come across.[4]

Combatants have a massive variety of abilities, with many being swordsmen, gunfighters, or hand-to-hand fighters. They should not be confused with snipers, who specialize in long-range shooting and weaponry. Assassins can be similar to combatants, but their job is to specifically target and kill people for a variety of reasons while combatants simply fight against (and occasionally kill) people who are enemies of their crew. However, these positions may overlap, as Gotti is both an assassin and a combatant.

The Big Mom Pirates organize their many combatants into ranks named after chess pieces, with the ranks of Bishop, Knight, and Rook being known to exist.[5][6][7]


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  • Gin is initially introduced as a simple combatant of the Krieg Pirates. It is only later during the fight for the Baratie that his actual rank as combatant commander is properly revealed.
  • Edward Newgate does not permit female crewmates to become combatants on his crew due to his morals, a reason he did not bring any female members of his crew to a war to the death.[8]
    • This did not seem to be the case in Newgate's youth, as Whitey Bay was shown participating in combat back when she was a member of his crew.


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