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Vice Admiral Comil is the commander of Marine Base G-2. He first appeared in Portgas D. Ace's cover story,[2] and later took part in the Summit War of Marineford.[3]


Comil is a tall, large man with a bald top, but blonde spiky hair flowing downwards on the back of his head, similar to Shiki. He has a mustache and is dark-skinned. His mustache looks like what one usually gets after drinking milk.

He dresses in the typical garb of many high-ranking Marines: he sports a red, double-breasted suit over a dark-green shirt with a plain green tie, and also has a Marine coat draped over his shoulders like a cape.[2]


Comil as a Young Marine.png
Comil in his youth as a marine, as depicted in the manga.
Comil Young Marine Film Z.png
Comil in his youth as a marine, as depicted in One Piece Film: Z.
Comil's Face Closeup.png
Comil's close up face.
Comil Anime Concept Art.png
Comil's concept art from the anime.


Comil seems to be a believer of Moral Justice as he let Portgas D. Ace escape after he saved one of his men and some important sheets from a burning ship. He cares deeply for his subordinates, assisting the one Ace saved from the fire as soon as he could. He also seems to enjoy the little things, smiling happily after Moda sent him some milk to make the coffee served in his base taste better (which he, along with the base's personnel, hated).

Abilities and Powers

As a vice admiral, Comil is capable of commanding a Buster Call alongside four other vice admirals. As the commander of the G-2 Marine base, he possesses authority over the lower-ranking subordinates.


He is seen carrying a pair of katanas, attached to his right hip.[3] His proficiency with them is unknown, however.


Further information: Haki

It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki,[5] so Comil can also use the ability.


Ace's Great Blackbeard Search

Comil's administrative meetings were plagued by bitter coffee, which Portgas D. Ace witnessed firsthand when he infiltrated the base posing as a Marine officer.[6] Though Ace's cover was blown, he ended up saving the day by reuniting the milk-maiden Moda with her parents on the base's grocery ship. This ensured a steady supply of milk to G-2, as well as pleasant meetings with good tasting coffee for the vice admiral.[7]

Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

When the execution of Ace was announced, Comil answered the summoning of the Marines to reinforce Marineford.[3]

Marineford Arc

Comil lined up with his fellow vice admirals and was ready to fight the Whitebeard Pirates.[8]

Major Battles


  • His name is a Japanese term for "coffee" (コーヒー kōhī?) with "milk" (ミルク miruku?). Ace's Great Blackbeard Search's secondary plot was about him, the bitter-tasting coffee, and adding milk to make it taste better.


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