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Throughout the series, there were many concepts that did not make the cut.


Early Crew.png
Early Crew Complete.png
Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece Magazine Vol.10)
Nami Battle-Axe.png
Nami; Color Walk 1
Nami Battle-Axe Green.png
Nami; One Piece Green
Sanji Color Walk 1.png
Sanji; Color Walk 1
Early Arlong Pirates.png
Early Don Krieg.png
Early Chopper.png
Chopper; One Piece Green
Early Buggy Pirates: Vol. 3
Early Mohji.PNG
Early Mr.2.png
Concept Art Tashigi.png
Early Blackbeard.png
Blackbeard, Everything D. Teach
Conis Concept Art.png
Early Chimney and Kokoro.png
Early Tom.png
Early Brook.png
Brook Concept Art.png
Brook as he was alive
Early Moria.png
Early Moria and Perona
Early Nightmare Luffy.png
Early Shichibukai.png
Early T Bone.png
Early Boa Hancock.png
Early Marguerite.png
Marguerite/Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Black Cat
Early W7 designs.png
CP9; Color Walk 4
CP9 Early.png
Early Spandam.png
Early Magellan.png
Early Admirals.png
Three Admirals
Early Devon.png
Early Dadan.png
Ivankov Early Concept.png
Early Inazuma.png
Early Jinbe.png
Early Kuma.png
Early Shiki.PNG
Early Shiki
3D2Y Corner 1.png
Timeskip: Luffy, Zoro
3D2Y Corner 2.png
Timeskip: Nami, Usopp, Chopper
3D2Y Corner 3.png
Timeskip: Sanji, Robin, Franky
Kaidou Concept Art.png
King Concept Art.png
Page One Concept Art.png
Ulti Concept Art.png
Yamato Concept Art.png

Abandoned Ideas

  • The Green Databook revealed that Sanji's original name was going to be 'Naruto'. However, as the ninja manga "Naruto" was about to be serialized with Jump, Oda changed the name to prevent confusion.
  • The two new admirals were originally going to be Pig and Kappa (which, alongside Kizaru's Monkey, would be a nod to Journey to the West) as opposed to Tiger and Bull.

Devil Fruits

  • Ero Ero no Mi (エロエロの実?): A Devil Fruit of an unknown type. It was mentioned in Oda's SBS question corner. "Ero" is short for "Erotic". The fruit has never been implemented into the series itself, as Oda only thought this up as an idea about 13 times.[1]
  • Kona Kona no Mi (コナコナの実 Kona Kona no Mi?): A Devil Fruit. Charlotte Katakuri was originally meant to have eaten it.[2]
  • Kaju Kaju no Mi (カジュカジュの実 Kaju Kaju no Mi?, lit. Fruit Fruit Fruit): A Devil Fruit Oda initially intended for Charlotte Smoothie before deciding on the Shibo Shibo no Mi.[3]


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