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Conomi Islands[1][2] is the archipelago where Nami lived until she joined the Straw Hat Pirates. It was the setting of the Arlong Park Arc.


Containing at least twenty different communities, the islands were simple and peaceful until the Arlong Pirates landed at Cocoyasi Village.[3] From there, they quickly tyrannized the entire region and extorted a monthly "survival" tax -Beli100,000 for every adult and Beli50,000 for every child. Failure to pay would result in violent retaliation, up to and including the complete destruction of a town. With the extorted money, Arlong and his crew erected Arlong Park and planned to conquer the entire East Blue, while bribing corrupt officials like Nezumi to minimize attention from the Marines.

After eight years of this subjugation, the islands were finally freed with the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates, who defeated the fish-men and toppled Arlong Park.

The islands appear to be largely agricultural, with several plantations of rice and oranges.

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