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The Cook Pirates[2] was Zeff's old pirate crew.[1]


The crew's ship was the Cooking George. Their pirates flag symbol was a duck wearing a chef hat and the knife and fork replaced the crossbones. They had a general rule that they would never steal food from their targets, no matter what the situation was; Zeff brutally kicked any crew members who dare break this rule. While the crew laughed at the idea of All Blue, Zeff alone believed in it.



The crew had traveled the Grand Line for a whole year before returning to East Blue, during which time, Zeff dreamed of finding All Blue, though the rest of the crew did not believe in it.

After returning to East Blue, they attacked the Cruise Orbit. Before they could savor their victory, a storm appeared and destroyed everything in its path, including the Cruise Orbit and the Cook Pirates. Only Zeff and Sanji survived the storm.


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