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Cook it Up was a song used in the 4Kids dub of One Piece. It appeared in dub Episode 42, "Sanji Sizzles" and a remixed version in Episode 96, "The Turn of the Two".


Try to cook it right,
To a palate's delight
Hold that spatula proudly
(The stove is hot)
So why don't you show me what you got
Sizzle that skillet loudly
And cook it up (Yeah)
Turn up the heat
Cook it up (Yeah)
So you can compete
Cook it up (Yeah)
Give this crowd your best
So you can win this culinary contest
Cook it up!


  • No song exists in the original episode for this scene.
  • Another note is this is the only other song to appear in the 4Kids version other than You Can't Turn the Tide and the One Piece Rap.

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