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The Cooking George[2] was Zeff's ship when he was still captain of the Cook Pirates.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Cooking George is a large ship with four large brown sails, two on top two on bottom. On the top of each crows nest is a chefs hat, and on the sides of each sail are small horns. The figurehead is a duck with a neckerchief and chefs hat. Across the figurehead are a large knife and fork. On the sides there are also yellow rings.


The ship was first seen eleven years ago, attacking the cruise Orbit. It was then wrecked by a giant wave, and the crew was lost. The only survivors of the incident were the captain, Zeff, and a young cook from the Orbit, Sanji.

See also


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 7 Chapter 56 and Episode 26, the Cooking George's first appearance.
  2. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, the Cooking George's name is revealed.

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