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Corgi is a "regular" worker in the World Government, being something of a Commander amongst the Government Soldiers, as he is seen speaking to the CP9 agents of the security of the Sea Train .

Abilities and Powers

He claims to be able to sniff out pirates (this may be a reference to the type of dog named Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi [[1]] ). Although he sometimes wonders if his gift is right or not, he has supposedly never missed a pirate.


Well, that will be all for today... The man is beyond stubborn... I still don't even know whether he has it or not. I wish he'd have some consideration for me, since I have to keep coming all the way out here. - Corgi

He constantly tried to get Iceburg to hand over the blueprint of the Pluton. However, he is denied and is seen leaving in a huff. He later appears accompanying the CP9 and watches Robin aboard the Puffing Tom. He was later knocked out by Sogeking during the rescue attempt.


He is often speculated to be a member of CP5, possibly even it's leader, but he is, up to the moment, simply labeled as a government official.

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