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Count Times is a character in One Piece Film: Gold. He takes part in the Turtle Car Race.[1]


Times's most defining feature is his giant, red beak-like nose. He has a thin orange mustache that angles up toward his ears, as well as a small beard that ends in a very sharp point. He has orange hair that is arranged into a plume in the back. He wears a brown helmet with a red stripe in the middle, a pair of goggles attached to the helmet, and a red collared shirt.[1]


Times is a determined racer, keeping his focus on the track and on gaining the lead. He smiled when he overtook Kent Beef Jr. for the lead.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Times is a capable racer, being one of only three racers to finish the race in Gran Tesoro and one of two to remain on the track the entire time. He operates a very fast and agile racecar, which he uses to weave between opponents. He only lost the race by centimeters.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

Times took part in a Turtle Car Race in Gran Tesoro's main casino. After three other racers crashed, Times managed to overtake Kent Beef Jr. for the lead. He and Beef were neck and neck for much of the remainder of the race, until the Straw Hat Pirates' car managed to get back onto the track and rejoined them. The Straw Hats managed to beat Times and Beef across the finish line by mere centimeters.[1]


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