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Craven is a pirate captain who allied with Crocodile to find the Dyna Stones on the Floating Island above Jail Island.[1]


Craven's face up close.

Craven is a large, muscular man with tan skin, long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that is tied at two points, and a spikey beard. He has a large mouth, a small nose, and round eyes. He has a large tattoo of a dragon across his chest. He wears black pants with cuffs that flare out at the bottom, brown boots, black fingerless gloves, gold bracelets, and a yellow and black striped one-sleeved top. He also wears black spiked shoulder pads and a white sash around his waist.


Craven is greedy for power, and it motivated him to take his crew to the sky islands. He is fearful of stronger people, as he begged Law for his life and was worried that he would disappear if he told Law too much information.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Though Craven is strong, as he is able to carry and handle a large weapon with ease, his abilities were no match for the Worst Generation member Trafalgar Law.[1]


Craven wields a large machine gun. Aside from shooting it, he sometimes holds it sideways and uses it to ram into his enemies.[1]



Craven and his crew were hired by Crocodile to the Sky Islands above Jewel Island in search of treasure said to be hidden among them: Dyna Stones. They searched the entire area except the Sky Prison and found nothing.[1][2]

One Piece: World Seeker

Law stops Craven from fleeing.

Craven and his crew were confronted by Law, and when Craven denied giving Law any information, the two clashed. After Law defeated Craven’s subordinates, the pirate captain tried to run away. Before he could, Roule fell from above and distracted him, allowing Law to switch places with the boy and corner Craven. Craven begged for his life and revealed that the treasure he was after was power but insisted that he could not say any more. He then told Law that the only place he and his men had not looked was in the Sky Prison. Having gotten the information he was looking for, Law let Craven go free.[1]

Major Battles


  • Craven looks nearly identical to One-Man, another minor antagonist in World Seeker.


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