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Cream Mist is a non-canon archipelago ruled by Cello. It is where the events of One Piece: Treasure Wars take place.[1]


The five Life Gems.

Cream Mist is known as a powerful producer of different foods. It is home to the Life Gems (ライフジェム Raifujemu?), edible jewels hidden across the archipelago. Cello hosted a tournament called the Treasure Wars (トレジャーウォーズ Torejā Wōzu?) and attracted participants with a reward in order to find them.[1]


As an archipelago, Cream Mist is composed of five islands: Multi Island, Solbi Island, Oligo Island, Kisiri Island, and a fifth island.[2]

Multi Island

A top-down view of Multi Island.

Multi Island (マルチ島 Maruchi Shima?) is the first island the Straw Hat Pirates arrive on and the location of the Marines' headquarters on Cream Mist. Ships frequently pass by, causing a drawbridge at the center of the island to go up when they need to travel through.[2]

Solbi Island

A top-down view of Solbi Island.

Solbi Island (ソルビ島 Sorubi Shima?) is a desert island lit by a scorching hot sun. There are Buggy Cannons scattered around the island and quicksand that can force people to travel in a certain direction. The island has an oasis on it and is susceptible to sandstorms.[2]

Oligo Island

A top-down view of Oligo Island.

Oligo Island (オリゴ島 Origo Shima?) is an island home to mysterious ruins. Two suspension bridges one it, one red and one blue, are labeled "AP" and "LP." When two people are on the bridges at the same time, the person on the lower bridge is dropped into the sea. If both people are on the same bridge, they both fall. The parts of the island themselves change elevation, rising above and falling below sea-level.[2]

Kisiri Island

A top-down view of Kisiri Island.

Kisiri Island (キシリ島 Kishiri Shima?) is an island covered in snow. A Lapahn lives there and will attack passerby. The island is also susceptible to avalanches that push everything swept up in them into the ocean.[2]


One Piece: Treasure Wars

King Cello hosted a Treasure Wars tournament where participants had to find all five Life Gems for the reward of Beli.png100,000,000 and an Eternal Pose to any island of their choosing. The Straw Hat Pirates came to the island after having their Eternal Pose stolen by a crow and decided to participate. During the Treasure Wars, Helsing and Cal went to Cello's palace and threatened him.[1]


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