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Criminal is a fashion label popular throughout the world, particularly the Grand Line. It was created by the starfish Pappag, who currently maintains the franchise from a flagship location (which doubles as his home) on Fish-Man Island.[2]

Like Doskoi Panda, it is a prominent Easter Egg throughout the One Piece manga and anime, worn by a wide variety of characters. Its earliest appearances, found mostly on the manga's Cover Pages, predate its "official" in-story introduction by nearly a decade.


Criminal's main logo is a five-pointed star with a stitched scar through its right side, usually accompanied by either the letters "crimin" (always in lowercase) or the abbreviation "C-R" (always in uppercase). This may be combined with further design flourishes, such as the flame pattern on Hatchan's shirt.

Though it appears to produce mostly shirts, Criminal has been known to market other products, including sunglasses and purses. As a luxury brand—one that, according to Pappag, outstrips even Doskoi Panda—it charges considerable prices, with a single dress costing more than Beli.png20,000.[2]

Known Wearers

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Camie Hatchan Pappag Splash and Splatter Kalifa
Sanji Nico Robin Monkey D. Luffy Usopp Tony Tony Chopper
Namur Megalo Roronoa Zoro Nami Franky
Brook Tashigi


Shonen Jump 2001 Issue 33.png
Debut, on a 2001 Shonen Jump cover (later used for Volume 21's title page).
Chapter 195.png
First Canon appearance, in Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll.
Hatchan Tries to Reason with Hody.png
Hatchan's shirt, special-made for his six-armed torso.

Translation and Dub Issues

The name of this brand is an in-joke on Pappag's species, as Japanese police slang—especially in older television dramas—refers to criminals and suspects as "stars" (ホシ Hoshi?).[3]


The Hitode label's first (and only) known appearance.

  • Chapter 181's Cover Page features Hitode, a possible precursor (or knockoff) label with a similar layout.


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