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Early One Piece

Early Crocodile sketch. Note the shape of his hook-hand.

One Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed that an early concept of Crocodile would have challenged people with difficult riddles (possibly in homage to the mythological Sphinx, per Arabasta's many parallels to ancient Egypt). Accordingly, his hook-hand would have been shaped more directly after a question mark.[12]

Major Battles

Filler Battles

  • Crocodile vs. Bullet (Unseen)
  • Crocodile, Lucci, Luffy, Hancock, Sabo, Law, Smoker, and Buggy vs. Bullet
  • Crocodile vs Roronoa Zoro

Anime and Manga Differences


In the manga, Crocodile's skin color is a more natural light skin color, as opposed to the anime's gray skin. In the manga, the poison hook beneath his golden one is far thinner than in the anime.

Impel Down Arc

In the anime it is partially seen how Crocodile changes outfits, as his shoes are laced by the Emporio Ivankov's Dancers. In the manga, Minozebra is defeated by Crocodile's Sables, while in the anime he is defeated by Jinbe's Gosenmaigawara Seiken. In the manga, Minorhinoceros is defeated by Jinbe's Gosenmaigawara Seiken, while in the anime he is defeated by Crocodile's Sables.

Marineford Arc

In the anime Crocodile mentioned that they were falling down out of the sky because of Ivankov. He is in fact blaming the okama, but this was proven wrong in the next episode, where it showed detailed explanation on what happened on their way to the war. The conversation between Akainu and the Whitebeard Commanders and Crocodile was extended in the anime.

Dressrosa Arc

In the manga, when the world learns of Doflamingo's sudden resignation from the Seven Warlords, Crocodile is not specifically shown or even confirmed to appear, only a shadowy figure with a long non-fur coat over his shoulders with a cigar in his mouth. In the anime, the cigar is removed but the coat was changed to Crocodile's trademark fur coat and Crocodile's golden hook is shown, confirming his identity in the anime.

Crocodile Or Not.png
The manga image.
Crocodile Post Timeskip Anime.png
The anime equivalent
Crocodile's Hook Post Timeskip.png
The added shot of the hook.

Translation and Dub Issues

In the 4Kids dub, Crocodile underwent several edits. After his first fight with Luffy, Crocodile dangled Luffy upside down with his hook instead of impaling him with it. Strangely, in the next episode of the dub, Luffy was right-side up with Crocodile's hook being around his neck, but was still hanging upside-down in some shots. Another edit Crocodile suffered was that instead of being weakened by Luffy's blood in the final fight, he was weakened by his sweat. In spite of this, it was roughly edited- there were a few frames where the blood can still be seen. Also, in the hidden tomb with Nico Robin, he merely hit her in the back. In the original version, he impaled her through the back.

Additionally, scenes with Crocodile smoking cigars were cut. However, in one episode, 4Kids forgot to edit his cigar at one point. His personality was also changed to be much more sarcastic in the 4Kids dub, such as calling Luffy "desert doodoo". Also, due to cutting out the Little Garden arc, his feeding Mr. 3 to his Bananawani was for pointless reasons, which itself was a plot hole as he said he ordered Mr. 3 to follow the Straw Hats since they left Loguetown when he didn't even know about them yet.

Other Appearances

Cultural References

  • In a mock-trailer in episode 50 of the anime series Gintama, a Crocodile lookalike of Kondou Isao (the stalker) is seen charging towards Shimura Tae. He is knocked away by a "Gomu Gomu Pistol" move pulled off by Tae as she yelled, "Gomu Gomu".


One Piece POP Crocodile figure.

As a prominent character, he has been featured in the fan merchandise. Crocodile has been featured in the One Piece Anime Heroes and twice in the One Piece Gashapon Grand Battle sets. Crocodile has also been released in the P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates series. He's also appeared in One Piece Super Effect - Devil Fruit User, Super Effect Keychain, and One Piece The Combining Prison Impel Down!! with Jinbe. He has recently been released in the Figuarts Zero line.

Video Games

Playable Appearances

Enemy Appearances

Support Appearances

Non-Playable Appearances

Errors and Corrections

Crocodile's Hand Error Unfixed.png
The hook hand error...
Crocodile's Hand Error Fixed.png
...and its correction.
Crocodile with Hands.png
Crocodile lighting his cigar with both hands.
  • Both the manga and the anime have neglected to depict his hook-hand on at least one occasion:
  • When Igaram first mentioned Crocodile's former bounty, he said it was Beli.png80,000,000.[2] However, when Crocodile was introduced in person, his infobox said his bounty was Beli.png81,000,000.[15]


Crocodile's dream revealed.

  • Miss Goldenweek's Rainbow Color Trap reveals that his dream was to become the Pirate King.[16]
  • His animal theme is the crocodile. His name, the Bananawani he kept as pets, and his large scar (which resembles a "crocodile's smile") are all reflections of this theme.
  • The soundtrack playing during Crocodile's defeat is Dvorak's New World Symphony, specifically the 4th movement, "Allegro con fuoco". It was the third time in the anime when a piece of classical music was played in the anime (The first being Buggy and Gaimon's farewell, during which Chopin's Etude in E Major played, the second being Dr. Hiriluk's last speech, during which Ave Maria was played and the fourth being when the zombies claimed Absalom as their leader, with Ludwig van Beethoven's rendition of (Ode to Joy).
  • Crocodile is the first Warlord to be defeated by Luffy.
  • Crocodile is the only one of the original Seven Warlords to possess a Logia Devil Fruit.
  • In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Japanese fan polls of most popular characters, Crocodile was ranked the 15th, 25th, 28th, 15th, 18, respectively.
  • Though no direct inspirations have (thus far) been confirmed by Eiichiro Oda, Crocodile's appearance and methodology strongly evoke two iconic villains of Western pop-culture:

SBS-Based Trivia

Crocodile in Newkama Land as shown in the anime.

  • In SBS Volume 56, a fan asked Oda why Crocodile was wearing his own clothes since he was still in prisoner clothes after he's released, Oda replied that he went to Newkama Land and got his clothes from there. This is depicted in the anime.[17]
  • Crocodile's birthday, September 5, comes from the Japanese transcription of his name's first and third syllables since 9-5 can be derived from cu-co.[9]
  • It was noted that if the World Government had known that Crocodile was the head of Baroque Works, his bounty would be at least doubled to Beli.png162,000,000.[18]
  • Crocodile's favorite foods are crocodile meat and tomatoes, while his least favorite food is ketchup.[19]


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