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Crocodile is self-assured, confident in himself and in his abilities. His great power is shown when he defeats Luffy twice, almost killing him both times. He enjoys toying with weaker opponents, often grinning and laughing smugly during battle. However, due to his overconfidence, he seriously underestimated Luffy's willpower, and this eventually led to his defeat.

Crocodile is first introduced as an intimidating and sophisticated mastermind, although to the people of Arabasta, he was viewed as a savior figure who protected the country from pirate attacks, as part of his duty as a Warlord of the Sea. In spite of his status as a national hero, Crocodile could not care less for the local population and their adoration for him, looking down on them as fools and only acting against threats in order to keep up appearances.[12] In his plot to take over Arabasta, Crocodile callously and inhumanly orchestrated the destruction of several communities, with the intent of inciting strife that would eventually lead into a bloody civil war. Crocodile's actions were enough to disgust even former bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro, who described the Warlord as the worst of scoundrels.[13]

Crocodile's willingness to kill shows his pitiless nature, and he does not think twice about sentencing another person to death. He is also very quick to get angry if someone insults or ridicules him in any way; Crocodile told Nico Robin that he had killed everyone who had ever insulted him. This irritability is first seen when Sanji sasses him over the Den Den Mushi.[14] It is more clearly shown during his first fight with Luffy: when the Straw Hat captain called him stupid, he bit his cigar clean in half and then threatened to kill Robin for laughing.[15] By his own admission, Crocodile is not always rational.[16]

Despite his low tolerance for receiving insults, Crocodile has the habit of taunting others, frequently using the word "worthless" to refer to the desperate struggles of his enemies, although he seems to have changed this habit slightly since fighting Luffy. Crocodile is known to belittle his foes, generally implying that they are far inferior to him, whether he is fighting a rookie[17][18] or a fellow Warlord (namely Donquixote Doflamingo, who had a former bounty almost Beli.png300,000,000 higher than his own.)[19] Crocodile's capacity for looking down on others is so high that he even told Dracule Mihawk, the World's Strongest Swordsman, to "watch himself".[20]

In battle, Crocodile shows complete lack of fear and doubt, although this trait was broken down a bit by his third battle with Luffy. He usually appears to be very composed and fearless, even when facing fearsome opponents like Whitebeard,[21] Dracule Mihawk,[20] or Akainu.[22] If Crocodile is extremely angry or annoyed with his victim, he will rarely kill them outright, instead leaving them to suffer as they slowly die. This proved to be a bad habit and ultimately led to his defeat. In his first and second fight with Luffy, instead of killing him straight away, Crocodile left Luffy to suffer.[23][24] Because of this carelessness, Luffy was able to come back in two different occasions and finally defeat him.[25] This, along with sheer luck, are the only reasons Luffy lived through any of his fights with Crocodile. This also allowed Mr. 3 to survive Crocodile's attempt to feed him to the Bananawani, which proved to be instrumental to the survival of the Straw Hats.[26]

Crocodile has displayed an extremely cynical and patronizing attitude, showing complete disregard to the romantic pirate lifestyle and stating that all the values that the status of Pirate King had once symbolized were now worthless to him.[27] Crocodile valued military power above popularity, renown, and treasure, believing that only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams. He referred to having trust and faith in others as an idiotic thing to do several times during the Arabasta Arc, claiming to have done away with countless people and going as far as to deride those who fight for someone else, making their defeats all the more harsh.[28] [29]

Crocodile has been shown to almost completely lack any code of honor.[30] Extremely pragmatic to the point of treachery, Crocodile once offered a sadistic choice to Vivi, only to later reveal that it would not matter in the end, making any effort from her part meaningless.[31] One of the few vestiges of honor he ever displayed was in his third battle with Luffy, during which he stated that Luffy deserved an honorable death from his venomous hook. Due to the situation at the time of battle, this could be seen as more an ironic act of cruelty than honor, but he did seem to regard the use of his rarely-seen poison hook as a tribute to Luffy's tenacity.[32] As another example of his distorted sense of honor, after Whitebeard was injured by Squard, Crocodile refused to fight him in that weakened state. In fact, he became furious at Whitebeard's loss of strength out of pride, having been defeated by the Emperor in the past.[33]

Crocodile shows no emotional concern for any of his subordinates. He is fully willing to sacrifice them to achieve his ambitions; a prime example is Operation Utopia, wherein every Baroque Works member in Alubarna, including most of the Officer Agents, would have been killed by the resulting cannon blast.[34][35] He also has no qualms about killing them if they fail or betray him, having little tolerance for anything that may threaten the outcome of his plans.[36][37] He showed no true attachment, affection, or trust toward these people and viewed them only as pawns. Despite all this, Crocodile may not be entirely immune to the idea of respecting someone other than himself: currently, he seems to have a good relationship with Mr. 1, having gone out of his way to rescue his former subordinate from his cell.[38]

After losing to Luffy and being stripped of his Warlord title, Crocodile apparently lost interest in the outside world.[39] He refused to escape with the rest of his subordinates during the breakout detailed in the eighth Cover Story.[40] Upon his capture, he disregarded the notion of escaping simply because he did not feel like it, perhaps assuming that escape would come easily to him if he changed his mind. Similarly, he smiled at the news that he would be sent to Impel Down and seemed apathetic during his imprisonment. Crocodile was the only Impel Down inmate who appeared to be enjoying himself; he is initially seen smiling and mocking his fellow prisoners. He claimed that he was only in Impel Down because he chose to stay, an assertion well in line with his overly condescending demeanor. His only apparent motivation to leave Impel Down was the chance to enact revenge against Whitebeard.[39] Following the war, Crocodile seemed eager to journey to the New World with Mr. 1, having reignited his ambitious side once more.[41]

Crocodile seems to have mellowed out since his defeat in Arabasta, at least to some degree. He seems more willing to assist others, having offered to aid Luffy escape from Impel Down, and he nonchalantly accepted help from others as well. Certain revelations imply that he may not be as heartless as he lets on. During the war, he went beyond his personal agenda several times to save his allies' lives. He saved Ace's life[42] and protected Mr. 1 and Luffy from Mihawk.[20] He even prevented Akainu from cornering Luffy and Jinbe as they desperately tried to escape the scene of the battle. Nevertheless, he claimed that he only saved them because if he had not, the Marines would feel victorious, and that prospect irritated him.[42][22]

Crocodile has a distinct laugh that starts with "Ku" (i.e. Kuhahahaha!). In the anime, he tends to laugh at a much slower pace than one might expect, his "hahaha"s lapsing into "ah-ah-ah"s on occasion.


Baroque Works

Mr. 0 (Crocodile) reunited with Baroque Works' Officer Agents.

His relationship with his employees, in regards to the grand scale of Baroque Works, is virtually non-existent. His identity was shrouded in complete mystery to everyone in the organization except for Nico Robin.[43] This implies that people may not have trusted Mr. 0 as a boss if they had known he was the Warlord Crocodile, which was reflected through Mr. 2 in particular, who reacted to Mr. 0's reveal negatively at first. Still, Crocodile's own strength and reputation were enough to intimidate the Officer Agents into not raising any further objections.[44]

He did not refrain from acting cruelly towards the Baroque Works agents under his employment, especially those who failed him.[36] Though he was formerly a loyal subordinate, Mr. 3's allegiance turned to hate and fear after Crocodile attempted to murder him. Ever since, the mere sight of Crocodile has filled him with terror.[45] However, Crocodile does not harm subordinates for no reason, only striking out at them if they fail, betray or just stop being useful to him.[36][46]

Crocodile's connection to Robin was strictly business-related; he did not consider her a friend, only a tool for his own ambitions. At best, he would praise her intelligence and ability to think ahead. Robin was trusted as the manager of Crocodile's private casino, Rain Dinners.

Miss Double Finger, like her fellow Officer Agents, was shocked to learn Mr. 0's true identity and continued to appear moderately intimidated by his presence, especially when the latter used his sand powers to dehydrate Mr. 3. This, however, did not stop Zala's curiosity; she daringly decided to directly ask Crocodile about his final objective while Mr. 1, Mr. 2, Mr. 4, and Miss Merry Christmas remained visibly put off.

Mr. 2 addressed Crocodile as "Zero-chan" even after learning his identity. At first, Bon Kurei seemed to be against the idea of working for a pirate, but quickly took back any further complaints when Crocodile menacingly asked if he or any of the other Officer Agents had an issue with his identity.

Despite Crocodile's cruelty towards his subordinates, the Officer Agents managed to retain some level of loyalty toward him after his defeat. This is demonstrated when Miss Goldenweek attempted to save him and the other Baroque Works agents and Mr. 1 subsequently decided to stay with him in prison. Crocodile rewarded this loyalty first by personally releasing Mr. 1 from his cell after escaping from his own[38] and later by asking Mr. 1 to join him in the New World.[41]

Straw Hat Pirates

Crocodile was a major enemy of the Straw Hats, and his defeat at their hands is considered one of their greatest achievements. Starting from Whisky Peak, Luffy and his crew were targeted by Crocodile and his organization, Baroque Works. When the Straw Hats finally reach Arabasta, the crew struggled but succeeded in foiling Crocodile's scheme, all for the sake of their friend, Princess Vivi. Crocodile did not really see Chopper as a threat like the rest of the Straw Hats, and mistook him for nothing more than the crew's pet.[47]

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy fighting Crocodile for the third time.

After seeing Crocodile and his Operation Utopia plan to destroy Vivi's kingdom, Luffy grew furious at the Warlord, swearing to defeat him. However, Crocodile viewed Luffy as just another rookie who knows nothing of the world. During their third fight, Crocodile stated that once Luffy learns what the seas are truly like, he would forsake his dream.

After coming across Crocodile in Level 6 of Impel Down, Emporio Ivankov persuaded Luffy to free him, which he did reluctantly as he had not forgotten the suffering the Warlord brought to Vivi. Even though he suffered defeat at Luffy's hands, he does not seem to hold a grudge and was even willing to offer him assistance in breaking out of Impel Down. Though Crocodile aligned himself with no one during the Summit War of Marineford, he ended up saving Luffy's brother, Ace, once and even protected Luffy himself, claiming that he did it only because he did not want the Marines to have their way.[20] Therefore, he helped Jinbe and Luffy escape from Akainu to prevent the then admiral from killing them.[22]

Two years later, Crocodile now seems to show interest in reading about Luffy's exploits in the New World, like his alliance with Trafalgar D. Water Law to take on Doflamingo as well as his invasion of Totto Land, Big Mom's territory.[48]

Nico Robin

Crocodile turns his back on Robin.

Crocodile and Nico Robin worked together for several years in order to further their own goals, becoming the leaders of Baroque Works, but their relationship never had more than a semblance of mutual trust. Although he sheltered her from authorities in exchange for her services, he never once showed compassion to her; she was just expected to follow orders. He held no pity for her when she failed to deliver Pluton's location and did not think twice about striking her, although he did admit that she had been a beneficial partner to him.[46]


Arabasta Kingdom

In Arabasta, the Warlord Crocodile was seen as a hero because he was always defeating pirates who attacked the island. Without knowing that his true intention was conquest, the citizens admired him and even the king acknowledged his good deeds. In truth, Crocodile was purposefully destabilizing the country with ravaging sandstorms and an artificial drought generated through the use of Dance Powder, leading to misery and rebellion among citizens. The first Arabastan to discover his evil plan was Nefertari Vivi.

Crocodile's cruelty toward Arabasta was laid bare after he was defeated by Luffy. Soon after his downfall, Vivi revealed the truth to the astonished crowd. In turn, his actions as a Warlord set the events that led to the system's dissolution in the following Levely.

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi attacks Crocodile.

Crocodile is on especially bad terms with Vivi, to which he personally mocks her foolhardy idealism and naivety that would cost her kingdom and its people.

After learning of the crimes he was committing at her country's expense, she repeatedly expressed her desire to kill him and did not hesitate to deal what would have been a lethal blow to anyone but a Logia user.

Nefertari Cobra

Cobra was first seen expressing his gratitude toward Crocodile for defeating some pirates that tried to raid Nanohana, not knowing of Crocodile's true nature. Soon afterwards, he learned the truth about the rebellion from Vivi's letter (delivered by Karoo). Crocodile had Cobra brought to him and demanded to know the location of Pluton, later forcing the king to lead Miss All Sunday to the Arabasta Poneglyph in order to gather information about Pluton. Cobra was willing to face death if it meant he could keep Crocodile from seizing the throne.

When Luffy arrived and fought against Crocodile one last time, Cobra witnessed the battle and was amazed by Luffy's finishing attack that punched Crocodile through bedrock.


Chaka and Crocodile first fought when the latter appeared at the royal castle. Chaka was so angered by Crocodile's dismissal of the Kicking Claw Force that he attacked the man in a fit of rage. His reasons were also backed by his desire to protect Vivi and Koza and to buy them enough time to put an end to the battle. Despite his best efforts, Chaka was easily defeated.[49]


Crocodile knew about Toto, the sole inhabitant of Yuba at the time. Like the rest of Arabasta's citizens, Crocodile thought of him as an idiot and found his endless, futile attempts to dig out water laughable. He was also revealed to have been behind the sandstorms that were drying up Yuba, as part of his plan to sabotage Arabasta's towns.[50]

While Toto was unaware of Crocodile's involvement in Yuba's ruin, he braved all the sandstorms the Warlord summoned to ravage his town, declaring that Yuba would not fall to mere sand.[51]

Edward Newgate

Crocodile attempts to kill Whitebeard.

As the person responsible for Crocodile suffering a humiliating defeat during his early days at the New World, he has held a grudge against Whitebeard ever since. At Impel Down, he expressed a desire of revenge and to kill Whitebeard himself.[52] When Squard stabbed Whitebeard, Crocodile was disgusted by how weak his former adversary had become.[33] Upon the Emperor's death, he remarks that his wounds were now fully healed as he was ready to take on the New World once more.

World Government and Marines

Dogs that run away to lick their wounds have no right to speak of justice. That is a rule of this sea. Now, why don't you go back to your Marine headquarters and discuss your justice some more?
— Crocodile to Tashigi[53]

Crocodile is considered an enemy of the Marines and the World Government after his plot threatened to upset the balance between the Three Great Powers. Crocodile abused his Warlord privileges to build himself a large and powerful covert organization.[3] His actions in Arabasta left the World Government with no choice but to revoke his status as a Warlord of the Sea, although they hadn't even realized there was a problem until after Luffy dealt with him. The World Government raised Luffy's bounty as a direct result of Crocodile's defeat.[54][55]

During the War of Marineford, Sengoku thought that he could use Crocodile's hatred of Whitebeard to his advantage. Though Crocodile did want to take Whitebeard's head, he also wanted to keep the Marines from having their way, as was shown when he saved Ace from the first execution attempt. Sengoku was shocked and aggravated by this turn of events.[42] Even though Crocodile had been robbed of his revenge against Whitebeard, he continued to consider the Marines his enemy and ultimately saved Luffy and Jinbe from Admiral Akainu.[22]


Crocodile captures Smoker and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Crocodile imprisoned Smoker along with the Straw Hat Pirates in a Seastone Cage at Rain Dinners.[56] Crocodile was aware of Smoker's reputation as a loose cannon and planned to eliminate him alongside the Straw Hats, covering up the death of both the Marine captain and the pirate crew as the result of a battle between them.[57]

Because he already hated the Seven Warlords of the Sea to begin with (since he viewed them as nothing more than pirates), Smoker already suspected something wrong was happening at Arabasta solely because of Crocodile's presence, which led him to investigate things further at Rainbase.[58] During the Summit War of Marineford, Smoker was very surprised to see Luffy cooperating with Crocodile.[59] Two years later, Smoker told Fujitora about his experience with Crocodile during the Arabasta arc, which influenced certain decisions from the Marine admiral during the Dressrosa and Levely arcs.


Crocodile briefly met Tashigi on his way to the Tomb of the Kings, after having defeated Luffy for the second time. Crocodile mocked the Marine woman, insulting her superior, Smoker, for not being around and telling Tashigi that she was too weak to enforce justice.[60]

Tashigi felt powerless due to Crocodile's words, which led her to cooperate with Monkey D. Luffy by telling him Crocodile's whereabouts instead of going after him herself.[61] After Crocodile's defeat, Tashigi was responsible for revoking Crocodile's Warlord status as well as his arrest.[3]


Emporio Ivankov

Ivankov and Crocodile knew each other at some point while the latter was still a rookie. At that time, Ivankov found out a precious weakness of Crocodile's, which he later used as blackmail to ensure that the known villain would not betray the escape party.[62]


Among his former colleagues, Crocodile seems to have an especially negative past relationship with Jinbe, who was notably furious to know Crocodile was in a cell near his at Impel Down.[63] Upon their release, Jinbe told Crocodile to leave Whitebeard alone. However, Crocodile's only response was asking him if he wanted to fight.[62] Despite their conflict, in the late stages of the Summit War of Marineford, Crocodile helped Jinbe and Luffy escape from Akainu.[22]

Donquixote Doflamingo

Crocodile clashing with Doflamingo.

When they met during the Summit War of Marineford, Crocodile threatened to kill Doflamingo for intruding in his business and mocking him, but Doflamingo suggested they form a partnership.[64] In response, he laughed at the offer and attacked both Jozu and Doflamingo.[19] After Crocodile rescued Ace from the first execution attempt, Doflamingo suddenly cut off Crocodile's head, saying that he would be jealous if Crocodile allied with Whitebeard after refusing his own alliance proposal. Crocodile said that he was not allied with anyone, after which the two were seen clashing.[42] Doflamingo also recognizes his strength, as he didn't believe Crocodile would be defeated by a Marine captain after hearing about him in the Arabasta cover up.


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