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Curve is a subordinate of Marine Chief Petty Officer Straight who appears in One Piece Film: Gold. He takes part in the Turtle Car Race along with Straight.[1]


Curve's concept art from the anime.

Curve is a man with a large gut and a large reddish nose. He wears a standard Marine vest, a Marine sunhat with a blue ball on top, and goggles over his eyes.[1]


He is loyal to Straight, following his orders even if he does not agree with them.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Curve is a competent turtle car racer, although his performance is hampered by taking Straight's orders to only go straight.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

Curve and Straight took part in a Turtle Car Race in Gran Tesoro's giant casino, with Curve driving the car while Straight manned the guns. The two managed to take the lead after Straight shot Jimmy Myers' car down, and they came to a 180 degree curve. Curve warned Straight about the curve, but Straight ordered him to only go straight, causing the two to run off the track and crash into a pool of gold.[1]


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