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A cyborg is a human or other life form that has been modified with machinery and metal for better functioning. These mechanical enhancements can include cybernetic replacements for missing organs or body parts, metal skin for extra protection, and weapons installed somewhere in the body. The word "cyborg" is a blend of "cybernetic" and "organism".


Cyborgs are organisms that feature cybernetic parts in place of flesh or organs. Those parts are often designed to mimic human body parts, but they can also take the shape of weapons, like firearms. Certain cyborgs may only feature as much as a single mechanical prosthestic limb, while others can sport several mechanisms built inside or around their entire bodies, to the point of resembling robots outright.

Kuma's hidden mechanical parts.

Cybernetic modifications are usually visible, but it might depend on the individual.[1][2] The Pacifista appear to have no visible mechanical parts at all, although some can be seen hidden underneath their clothes.[3][4] Aside from this, cyborgs may appear as a normal human or animal on the outside. Modifications may be more apparent when they receive wounds, since that might leave their mechanical parts exposed.


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Name Body Conversion Humanity Notes
Franky Complete body Retains Previous model incomplete body conversion (his back isn't modified).
Bartholomew Kuma Complete body Removed Humanity removed upon completion.
Pacifista units Complete body Removed Built from corpses, humanity nonexistent since construction.
Taroimo Partial Unknown Mechanical components cover various parts of his body.
Karakuri Island inhabitants Dependent Unknown Each cyborg individual differs in construction.
Vitan Complete body/Robotic Unknown Mostly mechanical in appearance.
Scotch Complete body Unknown Mechanical components cover various parts of his body.
Eustass Kid Partial: left arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
Gotti Partial: right arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
Ahiru Partial: left arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
Queen Complete body Retains Mechanical components built inside various parts of his body.
Nekomamushi Partial: left hand Retains Mink with single hand replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
Marys Unknown Unknown Cyborg animals with special paper mask with an eye shape covering their face.
Borodo Partial: left arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
Z Partial: right arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.
PX-Z Complete body Removed Built from corpses, humanity nonexistence since construction.
Chico Chip Partial: exact features unknown Retains Human with cybernetic parts, like a mole button that power him up.
Donald Moderate Partial: left arm Retains Human with single arm replaced by cybernetic prosthetic.


Franky's Burnt Face.png
Franky after the Nightmare of Baldimore incident showing heavy loss of flesh on his body.
New Franky Pose.png
Franky post-timeskip, after upgrading and repairing his body from the incident.

In the series, cyborgs are rare, as the technology required for their creation is somewhat advanced. The creation of cyborgs is usually in the domain of scientists or other skilled engineers, assuming they have the necessary resources. Cyborgs should not be confused with Automata, which are full-blown robotic in nature.

Kuma having his brain reprogrammed.

Though they have mechanical parts, so long as their brain is not altered in any way, cyborgs maintain their free will. As shown with Bartholomew Kuma, some cyborgs may have their brains modified and reprogrammed to ensure they will obey orders. This leaves them "dead", reducing them to being nothing more than a tool. Donquixote Doflamingo claims that such cyborgs have no memories or recollections of their past lives.[5]

Indeed, Kuma has become obedient to the words of the World Government he once hated so much. In an earlier instance when Luffy heard a "heartless" remark from Franky, he asked him if he had replaced his own heart, to which the latter apologized in metaphoric terms that he "never meant to go that far".[6]

Cyborgs can be made from the corpses of the dead as well as the bodies of the living. The one thing they all share in common is they are still capable of bleeding.[7][8][9]

Overall Strength

A group of Pacifistas obliterating their human targets.

A cyborg's mechanical parts put them at high advantage against normal humans in both offense and defense, since those parts may contain in-built weapons or are made from a resilient metal. Unless they have access to means to increase their own strength, it is nigh impossible for regular humans to compete with cyborgs, who are essentially living weapons. In fact, even supernaturally trained humans, like Blueno, Fukurou and Nero of CP9, can be overpowered by an effective enough cyborg.[10]

Queen's cybernetically enhanced brachiosaurus neck.

Amongst the cyborgs themselves, capabilities and power varies per individual design; more advanced models may be superior to less advanced cyborgs as Kuma proved against Franky.[11][12] Often Cyborgs can be mistaken for Devil Fruit users given their abilities. Luffy once thought Franky had a Devil Fruit because he demonstrated the ability to breathe fire, however, this does not prevent cyborgs from actually obtaining Devil Fruit powers, like Kuma with his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. Some Devil Fruit users, like the Worst Generation pirate Eustass Kid and Queen of the Beasts Pirates, may even use their cybernetic modifications in tandem with their fruit abilities to enhance their fighting style beyond the scope of either set of skills.

A cyborg with a Devil Fruit power will be placed above the overall capabilities of another cyborg of the same design. Due to the rules of Devil Fruits, copying the exact abilities of one Devil Fruit to another of the same model of cyborg is impossible. However Dr. Vegapunk seems to have found a way of at least mimicking the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi (excluding the intangibility and super-speed) into the Pacifistas models, putting this particular model of cyborg above the potential power of others.[13]

Franky repairing himself.

Another advantage cyborgs have is the ability to recover completely after receiving what may be otherwise crippling or lethal damage to normal non-cyborg individuals. They can also be repaired, modified and upgraded in ways humans cannot.[14]


PX-4 stops functioning after receiving enough damage.

Many cyborgs tend to become so more out of necessity than voluntarily. Usually, the point of a cybernetic prosthestic or enhancement is to replace a vital body part that has been lost for some reason. As such, cyborgs often become reliant on those enhancements just to function normally. In the case of the Pacifistas, if their modifications suffer too much damage, they may malfunction or even stop functioning altogether.

Even cyborgs are not without certain flaws that leave them vulnerable, since the modifications that they have received are generally man-made, there are usually some limits to the extent of what they can do. For example, Franky modified his right arm to function somewhat like a bludgeoning tool while modifying the left to house several gunner-type weapons. He could not possibly interchange both functions in both arms with each other whenever he feels like it. Also, because he personally made the modifications on himself, there were several restrictions when he converted his body into a cyborg, namely the place around his back area where he wasn't able to reach around with his arms, leaving it lacking with metallic reinforcement in comparison to the rest of his body. Furthermore, Franky's design runs on cola as fuel, and when he runs out, he is greatly weakened.

It is later revealed that, given that they were originally flesh and blood, vestiges of their former states may still remain within a cyborg's body. Because of that, they can be heavily injured if they receive internal damage, as demonstrated by the Straw Hat Crew on one of the Pacifista copies that they fought on Sabaody Archipelago two years ago.

Another weakness that cyborgs share is that unless they are modified, they do not grow stronger. This is shown when the Straw Hats encounter the Pacifistas after the timeskip, since these prototypes were (according to Sentomaru) only as strong as they were two years ago, they did not stand a chance against the "Monster Trio", who were able to grow incredibly strong.

One other weakness that the cyborgs whose personality is erased (like the Pacifistas) seem to share, is that they, like zombies, seem unable to feel pain, and thus are unable to realize when they are in danger, though with their sensors and programming may counteract this to an extent (depending on what their programming is).


A prototype design of Nami with a robotic prosthetic left arm and right foot.

  • One of Nami's concept designs seemingly had her as a cyborg.
  • Initially, the first cyborg Oda wished to release was Don Krieg, as Don Krieg-9000, but the idea was scrapped. Instead, the first one shown was Bartholomew Kuma, although it wasn't until some time after the second (Franky) was introduced that his cyborg status was revealed.
  • The kanji used to describe cyborg is "kaizō ningen", the same word used for the modified humans.


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