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DJ Parrot is a DJ who hosts musicians at Live Music Club TONGARI. He performs at One Piece Live Attraction 3: Phantom.[3]


DJ Parrot Live Attraction

DJ Parrot's appearance in the Live Attraction.

DJ Parrot is a normal-looking parrot. His wing and tail feathers are red, yellow, and blue while the rest of his body has red feathers. He has pink hair on his head and wears a white sunhat that says "DJ" on it inside an orange circle.[3]


DJ Parrot is very lively and wants to excite the audiences at his music club. However, he cares about rules and always instructs his audiences to follow them.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite being a parrot, DJ Parrot is capable of fluent human speech in both English and Japanese.[3]


One Piece Live Attraction 3: PhantomEdit

DJ Parrot Starts Ann's Concert

DJ Parrot starts Ann's concert.

DJ Parrot welcomed the audience at Ann's special homecoming concert and reminded them of the venue's rules. He introduced Ann and her abilities before the start of the show, but the show was interrupted by Buggy and Puggy. After Luffy defeated them, DJ Parrot restarted the show, and Ann and the Straw Hat Pirates sang and danced together on stage.[3]


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