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DJ Satan is a devil who appeared in Devil Incarnate "Robin Devil".[1]


Satan is a skinny devil with long, thin limbs and an oval-shaped face. He has narrow eyes without pupils, a large mouth, pointed teeth, black wings, and black horns. He has puffy, light-colored hair, and he wears a black sleeveless vest, black shorts, and black skirt.


Satan is a very enthusiastic individual and enjoys terrorizing people. He also idolizes Nico Robin because of her devilish nature, but he failed to realize her love for beautiful things like flowers.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite being considered the worst devil in hell, Satan is quite weak, as he was easily defeated by Nico Robin.[1]


Devil Incarnate "Robin Devil"Edit

Impressed by Nico Robin's lack of empathy for death, Satan began to dance and exclaimed that he would help her terrorize the world. When they began their reign of terror, Satan stepped on flowers in a garden, infuriating Robin. She beat him up and left him because of it, cutting their reign very short.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


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