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"DREAMIN' ON" is the 23rd opening of the One Piece anime and the 9th opening of the second half of the series.[1]


The opening starts with Monkey D. Luffy standing in a nondescript location and activating Busoshoku Haki on his right forearm before jumping into action. Kaidou then appears in his dragon form and confronts Luffy along with the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. The Straw Hats each jump toward the screen in order, with Luffy jumping up last and throwing a punch toward the screen, and the One Piece logo then appears over a background of a sky and fluttering cherry blossoms.

A wave then comes crashing toward the screen, and immediately following its landing we see Kozuki Oden, followed by shots of Momonosuke and Hiyori over a background of the burning Oden Castle. This is followed by two shots of the Nine Red Scabbards: the first one shows Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Kikunojo, Raizo, and Kanjuro, while the second one shows Kin'emon, Ashura Doji, Kawamatsu (silhouetted until Episode 948), and Denjiro (silhouetted until Episode 977). These shots respectively end with Kanjuro and Kin'emon jumping up and performing a sword strike in the viewer's direction. Kyoshiro then appears, and when he turns around, we see a background of him shedding tears (starting on Episode 977 he appears in his former appearance with his glasses). Kurozumi Orochi then appears in his Yamata no Orochi form, and Kaidou and Big Mom appear in the background of his shot when it zooms out.

The opening then cuts to a shot of Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law in Wano, with each of them forcibly trying to pull ahead of the others. The opening then shows shots of Jinbe performing Fish-Man Karate, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, and a young Shanks and Buggy jumping out. A young Marshall D. Teach is then seen dropping to the ground on a jungle island before performing a slash with his claw weapon. The next shot shows Koby and X Drake separated by a diagonal line; the line then flips around as a shot of Sakazuki and Fujitora is shown. Following this, the opening shows a clash between Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate that happened many years ago, followed by a shot of Roger, Whitebeard, and Oden. Starting with Episode 976, the images from Sabo onwards were replaced with Nekomamushi and Izou at the back entrance to the the Skull Dome, Marco activating his powers, the Tobiroppo in room inside Kaidou's Castle before their close-ups appear on screen, and Yamato (silhouetted with eyes glowing until Episode 992) with his mask flying off and staring at the screen with Oden, Roger, and Newgate in the background.

The opening then cuts to Luffy standing with an underwater background as he shows flashes of his Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki. Another wave then comes crashing down, and in between the falling water scenes from the episode are shown. The wave then fully comes down, and the Straw Hats are seen in midair attack poses (with Jinbe starting Episode 981). The opening then cuts to the Straw Hats running across a clearing to confront Big Mom, Queen, and King, with the latter two being in their brachiosaurus and pteranodon forms respectively. The shot zooms in on Big Mom, showing her swinging Napoleon in his sword form. The opening then shows shots of Nami and Usopp attacking with their weapons, Robin using her Devil Fruit powers to grab members of the Beasts Pirates, Chopper standing on General Franky, Brook slashing a Beast Pirate with Soul Solid, King and Queen charging to attack, and Sanji and Zoro fighting off Beasts Pirates. Luffy is then seen leaping up to take on Kaidou, and he activated his Busoshoku Haki, which is shown to flow through his body like cherry blossoms flowing in the wind. As Kaidou prepares to launch a blast of fire out of his mouth, Luffy projects his Haki from his fist and strikes Kaidou on the head. Finally, the opening cuts to a shot of a clear blue sky, and an apple flies up to the top of the screen. As it reflects light, the Straw Hats then leap up and do a pose.


Original New Starting with... Change
OP23 Kawamatsu OP23 959+ Kawamatsu Episode 948 Kawamatsu was revealed replacing the silhouette from the original version.
OP23 Luffy Law Kid OP23 959+ Luffy Law Kid Episode 959 The colors of Luffy and Law's outfits are updated to match the cover of Volume 97.
OP23 Jinbe OP23 959+ Jinbe The color of Jinbe's coat is changed from shades of blue to shades of purple. The symbols on his kimono no longer have fill-in color.
OP23 Roger and Newgate OP23 959+ Roger and Newgate Roger and Whitebeard's blades are now colored black.
OP23 Straw Hat Pirates OP23 959+ Straw Hat Pirates The colors of Luffy's outfit are updated. Zoro's coat is changed from green to black and Sanji's suit is a brighter crimson. Robin is bigger. Various changes to Usopp, Franky and Brook.
OP23 Sabo OP23 976+ Izou and Nekomamushi Episode 976 Sabo's scene was replaced by Izou and Nekomamushi.
OP23 Shanks and Buggy OP23 976+ Marco Shanks, Buggy and Blackbeard's scene was replaced by Marco showcasing his Devil Fruit ability.
OP23 Teach OP23 976+ Phoenix
OP23 SWORD OP23 976+ Tobi Roppo 1 SWORD and Marines' scene was replaced by the Tobi Roppo of the Beasts Pirates.
OP23 Marines OP23 976+ Tobi Roppo 2
OP23 959+ Roger and Newgate OP23 976+ Yamato 1 Roger and Whitebeard's clash scene was removed. Yamato was added in front of Roger, Whitebeard and Oden.
OP23 Oden OP23 976+ Yamato 2
OP23 959+ Kawamatsu OP23 977+ Denjiro Episode 977 Denjiro was revealed replacing the silhouette from the first two versions.
OP23 Kyoshiro OP23 977+ Kyoshiro The scene where Kyoshiro was shedding tears was also replaced by Denjiro.
OP23 Straw Hat Pirates 2 OP23 981+ Straw Hat Pirates 2 Episode 981 Jinbe was added on Straw Hat Pirates scenes. Some of the crewmembers positions changed.
OP23 959+ Straw Hat Pirates OP23 981+ Straw Hat Pirates
YamatoSilhhouette YamatoEpisode933 Episode 993 Yamato was revealed replacing the silhouette from the previous version.


TV Size Version[]

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
無限大の地図広げ mugendai no chizu hiroge Open the borderless map
果てしないあの場所へ hateshinai ano basho e Towards the place that has no end
Let's sail on 高く帆をあげて Let's sail on takaku ho o agete Let's sail on, raise high the sails
風に乗れ kaze ni nore Catch the wind
Don't give up 覚悟決めたのなら Don't give up kakugo kimeta no nara Don't give up, if I’m determined
引き返しはしないさ hikikaeshi wa shinai sa I'll never turn back
笑い飛ばせ 荒波 waraitobase aranami Laugh on through troubled waters
Shout it out 心砕けないように Shout it out kokoro kudakenai yō ni Shout it out, to save your spirit from breaking
仲間がいるんだ ほら nakama ga iru nda hora Your friends are there for you
強がりなんていらない いつだって tsuyogari nante iranai itsu datte Hey, you don’t ever need to act tough
闇が引き裂こうとしても yami ga hikisakou to shite mo

Even when the darkness tries to tear you apart

ほら Brave it out hora Brave it out Come on, brave it out
大丈夫さ daijōbu sa It’s going to be alright
打ち破る最強の絆 uchiyaburu saikyō no kizuna Strong bonds will break through
無限大の地図広げ mugendai no chizu hiroge Open the borderless map
果てしないあの場所へ hateshinai ano basho e Towards the place that has no end
踏み出せ 勇気の一歩 fumidase yūkinoippo Have the courage to take a step forward
Dreamin' On Dreamin' On Dreamin' On
無限大の地図広げ mugendai no chizu hiroge Open the borderless map
誓い集めた旗 chikai atsumeta hata The flag that called forth oaths
戦い続けて行く tatakai tsuzukete iku Keep fighting on
『自分自身』貫け "jibun jishin" tsuranuke Stay true to yourself
掴み取る Dreamin' On tsukami toru Dreamin' On Seize it, Dreamin' on
負けられない makerarenai I can't lose
逃げやしない nigeyashinai I'll never run away
出逢い 別れ 超え行こう deai wakare koe yukō Transcend meetings and partings and keep going
全部宝物 zenbu takaramono They're all treasures
無限大の地図広げ mugendai no chizu hiroge Open the borderless map
果てしないあの場所へ hateshinai ano basho e Towards the place that has no end
踏み出せ 勇気の一歩 fumidase yūkinoippo Have the courage to take a step forward
挙をあげて ko o agete Raise your fist


  • This opening shows the following before they appear in the anime and changed some character color schemes, either corrections to align them with manga colors or changes that contradicted the manga:
  • Due to the Funimation dub having access to these revised shots early into their adaptation of the Wano Country Saga, the aforementioned color corrections were incorporated several episodes prior to their simulcast debut starting at Episode 941 (barring a brief reversion in Episode 948).
  • This opening is the first to not feature Luffy's Gear 4 since Hard Knock Days.
  • The beginning of the song's music video has a piece from their cover version of We Are! before the song starts.
  • At 69 episodes, DREAMIN' ON, along with PAINT, are the second longest running opening overall, behind We Go! at 72 episodes.


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