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Daft Green is a species of a tree that exists in the flying archipelago, Merveille.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nami affected by the toxic spores.

This tree releases toxic spores that can kill both animals and people, although animals can notice it by its strong smell before getting infected. After being infected, the person starts to develop green skin spots. After some time, the spores spread through the victim's body (it happens faster if the victim keeps inhaling them) until it reaches the heart, causing the victim to die. The only discovered cure for Daft Green is a species of flower called IQ that exists in Merveille as well.

When arranged well, the daft green can serve as protective barrier. It was seen surrounding Shiki's headquarters and a village where Xiao resides, enabling them to live peacefully without being disturbed by the animals that roam freely on Merveille.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Similar species on Rusukaina.

  • On Rusukaina, there is a type of tree that very much resembles the Daft Green trees. Oda explained in an SBS that even though the trees are of a similar shape, they are not Daft Green and no poisonous spores are emitted from them.[2][3]
  • Both the Daft Green trees and the trees found on Rusukaina heavily resemble members of the Adansonia genus of trees, commonly known as baobab trees.
  • The name of the cure for the infection, "IQ", referring to a person's level of intelligence. "daft" can be used to describe someone who is foolish.
  • A green tinge in the skin is sometimes associated with nausea and sickness. A physically ill person is said to look "green around the gills".

References[edit | edit source]

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