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A daimyo is the official title of a regional lord of the Wano Country.


A daimyo is a ruler of a specific region in the Wano Country, and are responsible for the welfare of the region and everyone in it. The only region to not have its own daimyo is the Flower Capital, because that is where the shogun, the supreme ruler of Wano, resides. If the shogun should die without siring any heirs, then one of the daimyo will be appointed as the next shogun.

Each daimyo is succeeded by someone of their own bloodline, but the shogun can make someone a daimyo if they were to do something to earn it, like taking control of a region that lacks a daimyo. However, if a daimyo were to commit a heinous crime, such as murdering another daimyo, then they will be punished severely while also being stripped of their status.

There are currently no daimyo present after Kurozumi Orochi took control of Wano with the help of Kaidou and his crew. Rulership of the regions were then handed to each of Kaidou's most trusted men.


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Distant Past 
Daimyo Fugetsu Daimyo Amatsuki Daimyo Uzuki Daimyo Kurozumi Daimyo Shimotsuki
Oden's Time 
Kozuki Oden * Shimotsuki Yasuie *  Shimotsuki Ushimaru * Fugetsu Omusubi * Uzuki Tempura *
Daimyo Hitaki * 
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Amatsuki Family Hitaki Family 

  • In the past, each daimyo was the patriarch of a specific noble family of Wano. However, the patriarch of the Kurozumi Family attempted to take the throne of Wano by murdering the other daimyo, though this plot failed due to the birth of Kozuki Sukiyaki. After he was exposed, he was forced to commit seppuku while the rest of his family was stripped of their noble status.
  • After being exiled from the capital, Kozuki Oden traveled to the lawless region of Kuri and took control. After remaking it into a proper region, his father, Shogun Sukiyaki, made him Kuri's official daimyo. He retained this status even after abandoning the Wano Country to sail as a pirate, up until he was publicly executed by Kaidou
  • Shimotsuki Yasuie was the daimyo of Hakumai. However, after Kurozumi Orochi took over as shogun, he and the other daimyo led a rebellion against him, only to be defeated swiftly by Kaidou. He then fled to Ebisu Town and took up the name of "Tonoyasu" to conceal his identity.
  • Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Fugetsu Omusubi and Uzuki Tempura were the daimyo of Ringo, Kibi and Udon respectively until they were defeated by Kaidou. They were then imprisoned and later killed on Onigashima.
  • Hitaki was the daimyo of Yo until he was murdered by Lark in his plot to usurp his rule.

Anime and Manga Differences

The daimyo in the anime.

In the manga, Shimotsuki Ushimaru can be seen taking part in the daimyo meeting held by Kurozumi Higurashi posing as Kozuki Sukiyaki 28 years ago. In addition, two other daimyo appear with their faces obscured by speech bubbles. One of their faces is visible in another panel, but only from a distance and not drawn in detail.[2] However, in the anime Ushimaru was interpreted as a different character, and the other two daimyo are fully shown with anime original designs. These daimyo do not match either of the actual daimyo later revealed in the manga, Fugetsu Omusubi or Uzuki Tempura.[3]

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