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For the chapter titled "The Mighty Battle Spear", see Chapter 64.

The Daisenso is Krieg's ultimate melee weapon, formed by locking his shoulder-plates against one another and activating internal devices that produce a shaft and a blade from between.[1]


The Daisenso consists of two golden shoulder-plates with fur lining on the edges, with each plate displaying the Krieg Pirates' jolly roger. The entire spear is said to weigh one ton.

At the top is a wide spear-blade, while the shaft is made of simple wood. The spear-blade was broken off by Monkey D. Luffy during his fight with Krieg.[1]


In addition to its long reach, the spear's head explodes on impact with any solid surface, with heavier impacts producing proportionally larger explosions; thus, even glancing hits or near-misses can wreak severe damage. To compensate for the blade's relative fragility, the explosive mechanism is stored primarily in the plates, allowing the spear to keep exploding even if the blade is completely destroyed.[2]


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