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Damian is the father of Doni and a member of the Anti-Marine faction on Jail Island. He appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Damian is a man of average height with short, slicked-back dark blue hair, slight mustache stubble on his upper lip, and a goatee. He wears a white, low-cut sleeveless shirt, a brown scarf around his neck, a brown sash around his waist, and blue cargo pants.[1]


Damian is a brash man who is heavily opposed to the Marine occupation on Jail Island, believing that the citizens should not live in fear of the soldiers. His deep conviction led to a great conflict with his Pro-Marine friend Albert, with Damian going as far as to insult him when they talked and forbid his son Doni from playing with Albert's son Eric. However, when Doni ran away, Damian came to realize that he needed to value his son more than his Marine ideology, and he decided to talk with Albert about their ideologies in a civil manner. He is extremely protective of his son Doni and quickly moved to rescue him upon finding out he had gone to a pirate-infested area.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Together with Albert, Damian was able to knock out two pirates with a single strike by taking them by surprise from behind.[1]



While he was growing up, Damian was best friends with Albert and the two of them would often play on Battery Island. However, when the Marines began occupying Jewel Island within the last 12 years, Damian took the view that the citizens should not live in fear of them, which contrasted greatly with Albert's view that it was wise to submit to their orders. The two argued over their views to the point that they began to hate each other.[1]

One Piece: World Seeker

One day, Damian's son Doni wanted to play with Albert's son Eric, but Damian forbid him from doing so. As a result, Doni ran away, and Jeanne later gave Damian a letter from him that said he and Eric had run away to a place Damian had always talked about. Believing Albert had influenced Doni into running away, Damian went to his house and the two quickly got into a heated argument. Monkey D. Luffy and Jeanne then came to break up the argument, with Luffy stating that the two men should care about their sons more than their ideologies. This quickly put a stop to the two men's bickering, and they soon realized that their sons had likely gone to Battery Island, which now was infested by pirates. They arrived at Battery Island right as two pirates attempted to kill their sons, and they immediately ambushed the pirates and knocked them unconscious. Afterwards, Doni and Eric stated that they had brought their fathers to their old hangout in hopes of getting them to reconcile, and Jeanne asked the two men what had led to their feud in the first place. Damian and Albert both realized that they had let a petty debate over their ideologies grow out of control, and so decided to reconcile and debate their positions civilly from now on.[1]


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